Story Excerpt
Man in the Middle

flame div

"What are you looking at?"

Justin glanced away from the window to look at his lover, Taylor. He gave a light shrug, feeling the longing he always felt when seeing the shifter. "He's out there again, in wolf form this time."

"How is that any different?" Taylor asked from behind Justin. "Chase is almost always in wolf form when he comes around."

"He comes in human form sometimes," Justin protested as he looked back out the second floor window to the yard below. Chase Morgan was their mate, both Justin and Taylor knew it. They'd known it for the last two months. Chase just hadn't claimed them. Justin was beginning to wonder if the man ever would.

Justin had been waiting two months for the man to make a move, ever since he learned what a shape shifter was when Chase rescued him. So far, nothing had happened. Chase didn't even seem to want to be around them, unless he was in wolf form. He paced back and forth outside every so often, never coming close enough for Justin to think the man wanted anything more than to just catch a glimpse of them.

He was genuinely puzzled by Chase’s reluctance, but Justin had a theory that Chase's wolf couldn't deny the attraction even if the human side wanted to deny the fact. Chase's wolf wanted to claim his mates. The human Chase had other ideas. Justin wished that the human side would shut the hell up and let the wolf side take over.

He wanted to be claimed. Taylor wanted to be claimed. But how could either man be claimed when the human part of Chase was being so stubborn?

"Do you think he's ever going to claim us?" Justin asked as he watched the beautiful grey wolf pace back and forth along the tree line. His movements were slow, measured, and Justin was in awe at how graceful the wolf seemed as he navigated through the trees as he paced the forest behind their home. Justin turned when he felt Taylor's hand gently touch his shoulder. Taylor glanced past him and out the window then shrugged as if he, too, wondered the same thing.

"I don't know, maybe," Taylor said, and then he shook his head. "Then again, maybe not.

"Do you think he doesn't want us?" Justin asked as he watched the smooth, sleek lines of the wolf’s muscles as Chase circled around a tree and began to walk back down the small dirt path.

The back of Taylor's knuckles grazed Justin's cheek softly. "How could he not want you, Justin? You're beautiful, sweet, loving, everything a man could want in a lover." Taylor looked a little sad as he gazed out the window at Chase's wolf form. "Maybe after everything that happened, Chase hasn't claimed you because of me. I wasn't exactly innocent in the Teacher's schemes, you know."

Justin shook his head frantically, refusing to allow Taylor to cradle the blame on his shoulders. "No, you didn't do anything wrong."

"Justin, not even Nate wanted to trust me."

"He just didn't understand," Justin insisted. "You did what you did for me. You know that, I know that. Even Chase knows that. Besides, we come as a set." Justin wrapped his arms around Taylor's waist and laid his head on the man's shoulder. "You're mine and I won't give you up. I need you like I need air."

"You do know that if Chase claims us we're going to have to share, right?" Taylor asked as he smoothed Justin's hair back from his face. "How are you going to feel about that?"

Justin chuckled as the image of all three of them together played through his mind. "I think that would be pretty hot, don't you?"

Taylor wiggled his brows playfully. "Yeah, Chase is damn sexy."

Justin tilted his head back to look up into Taylor's handsome face. "You don't mind sharing?"

He leaned into the warm hand that Taylor cupped around his cheek. "As long as I never lose you then I'm fine with it." Taylor opened his mouth as if to continue then snapped it shut. He squeezed his eyes closed for a moment and hugged Justin to him. "I just can't lose you, Justin."

"You won't," Justin replied as he buried his face in Taylor's neck and inhaled his musky scent, smelling the familiar scent that always brought him comfort. "A new love in our lives just means we have more love around us, not less. We just have to get Chase to understand that."