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Man to Man

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Oh gods, this was why he was gay!

His lips parted and he allowed Donovan entrance, groaning as their tongues met for the first time, brushing against each other. Donovan tasted sweet, just like Jim thought that a mate should taste. Jim’s body trembled a little as he realized what he was thinking. Donovan was a man and at the moment, Jim didn’t care. He could go on kissing Donovan for hours.

He felt Donovan urge him backwards, guiding him until the desk came up behind him. But Donovan didn’t stop pushing until Jim was lying back on the desk, the man's slightly larger body covering his. Jim looked up at Donovan in bewilderment as he lifted his head.

He was shocked to see that Donovan’s deep hazel eyes had turned a dark coppery brown. They were smoldering with desire as Donovan gazed down at him. Donovan’s lips were red and swollen, slightly parted. His chest rose and fell with his rapid breathing. He looked delicious.

Jim wanted more. He wanted everything Donovan had to give, and then some. His mate looked down at him with desire in his eyes and he wanted more, much, much more. He finally felt like he could let go and be the person he was meant to be, be with the person he was meant to be with.

“Donovan,” Jim whispered as he pulled Donovan’s lips back down to his, attacking his mate's mouth the moment their lips met. Jim’s cock hardened even more as he heard Donovan groan. Oh gods. Jim shuddered. He could hear that sound for the rest of his life and never get tired of it.

Jim was so immersed in kissing Donovan that he jerked, startled when he felt Donovan’s hands grab his ass through his jeans. His eyes widened when Donovan lifted his head and looked down at him in query. Jim grinned. He knew exactly what Donovan was asking and he knew exactly how to answer his mate. He parted his legs and let Donovan’s body settled against his hard erection before pulling his head back down.

When Donovan’s hand moved around to cup Jim's cock through his jeans, Jim thought he was going to come right there and then. He never felt so alive in his life, so close to the edge of an orgasm. He just knew that if Donovan would touch him a little more, kiss him a little harder, he could come. And he never needed to come more than he did right then and there.

Reaching down with his hand, he pushed Donovan’s out of the way and quickly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the zipper down. He was thankful that he hadn’t had any clean boxers to put on that morning and went commando when Donovan’s hand immediately encircled his cock and began stroking him.

Jim tore his lips away from Donovan’s. He panted heavily as he looked up at Donovan in desperation. “D—Donovan, need more,” he pleaded in a husky voice, his hand brushing against the hard ridge of Donovan’s pants. He hated having to beg but surely Donovan understood his need.

Dark, copper eyes stared down at Jim for just a moment before Donovan reached down and unbuttoned his own jeans. Jim groaned when Donovan grabbed both of their cocks in his large hand. Jim’s eyes nearly rolled back in his head as Donovan started stroking them together. The feel of Donovan's hot rigid skin against his own made Jim’s breath hitch in his throat.

He reached upward and pushed Donovan’s shirt up to his neck, his fingers moving to his nipples to pull and twist them. He could hear Donovan’s small moan at his action, feel it in the quickening of his strokes, the way his lips latched onto the skin on Jim's neck.

As Donovan’s teeth raked across the soft skin between his neck and shoulder, Jim knew that he wanted Donovan to bite down, to sink his long canines in and claim Jim as his mate. But, he knew if Donovan did that, there would be no going back for either of them.

Once Donovan claimed him, they would be mates forever. There would be no one else for either of them. Still, he couldn’t remember ever wanting anything so much in his life. Just the thought that his mate was that close to claiming him…

Jim opened his mouth to beg Donovan to take him, to claim him, but all that came out was a long groan as an orgasm of epic proportions exploded through him. His cock erupted, shooting spurt after spurt of pearly white cream all over Donovan’s hand and their stomachs.

As the air left his lungs, Jim heard Donovan cry out above him, his creamy release mixing with Jim’s as he came. Donovan buried his face in Jim's neck as his chest heaved. Jim rubbed Donovan’s back until he finally lifted his head to look down at him.