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Mari's Men

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Mari turned away from the windows and walked to one of the other two doors in the room. Okay, behind door number one was a bathroom, although Mari was pretty sure her entire bedroom at home would easily fit into this personal spa. Double sinks, large walk in shower with at least six showerheads, and the world’s largest sunken tub surrounded by a white tiled landing. That left door number two.

Closing the bathroom door Mari took a step towards the last door when it suddenly opened and one of the biggest men Mari had ever seen stepped into the room, shutting the door behind him. She didn’t know whether to be afraid of his size or aroused. If the wetness suddenly filling her panties was anything to go by, her body definitely had an opinion. Just looking at him made her libido jump up and down screaming "yippee!"

He was gorgeous. Every muscular inch of his darkly tanned six foot three frame screamed sensuality. Mari just itched to find out if he was hiding tan lines behind the faded denim jeans plastered to thick powerful thighs or if he sunbathed in the nude. A white shirt was stretched tightly across his sinewy chest and his shoulders were easily twice the width of hers.

His facial features were finely sculpted like a roman gladiator with a hint of morning stubble gracing his square jaw. And his sandy brown hair was short but not so short that Mari couldn’t grab a handful while dragging him into a long bone-clenching kiss. Which sounded like a perfect idea to Mari.

She knew she was dreaming when she felt his momentary surprise as her lips met his before his arms wrapped around her, pulling her closer. Oh yeah, he was hard all over, especially that long hard part of him pressed against her stomach. As his tongue swept inside of her mouth Mari’s body broke out into a hallelujah chorus. His large hands were everywhere, down her back, in her hair, past the curve of her hip.

When he reached her naked butt Mari felt a shudder rake through his body before he picked her up in his arms, centering his hard erection against her heated center and wrapping her legs around his waist. Oh yeah, this was heaven.

Every touch of his hands left an inferno in their wake. Mari was on fire and had no intention of putting out the flames. No one had ever wanted her like this. Mari was not tall and willowy like most men seemed to want. She was short and somewhat chubby.

Not to say she was fat by any means but she was a healthy size sixteen and had been for many years. She hadn’t seen anything smaller than a size fourteen since she had been sixteen. She most definitely did not stand out in a crowd. Very few men had ever taken an interest in Mari. And those that did she wouldn’t want to be with anyway.

So, she certainly wasn’t going to say no when the man of her dreams couldn’t seem to keep his hands off of her. If this was a dream, she hoped she never woke up. Cole nearly leapt to the bed to deposit the little fireball in his arms onto the bed. With one hand wrapped in her hair he took long enough to use the other to unbutton his jeans and push them out of the way, freeing his aching cock, before following her down onto the bed. As small as Mari was compared to him, he still seemed to fit perfectly between her thighs.

Feeling the slick heat of her caress his cock Cole knew he had to be inside of her immediately or he would die. There was no time for foreplay. He wouldn’t survive it.

Cole pulled his lips from hers long enough to gaze into her passion filled ones. While foreplay was out of the question at this stage, he had to have her acceptance before he could take her like he wanted to. "Mari, baby…"

Mari’s only response was to wrap her legs around his waist, pulling his body even closer, if that was even possible.

He groaned as he felt himself sink into her soft folds. She was all fire and silk, wrapping tightly around his burning cock. Oh God, she was so tight. He was damn glad she wasn’t a virgin. He didn’t have the strength to take things slow.

"You feel so good." Cole grabbed Mari’s hip, holding her in place as he began to slowly thrust into the tight grip of her body.

Cole tried to go slow, to take her easily, but as her body began to tremble as she climaxed, he knew he was lost. "Oh yeah, baby, just like that." He was in heaven.

"Oh, fuck, Mari." Grabbing both of her hips Cole gave up all sense of control and thrust into her over and over again until fireworks exploded behind his eyes and he spilled his seed into her womb.

Cole vaguely noted that Mari had reached another climax as he continued pumping into her for several moments. She felt so good wrapped around his cock, he never wanted it to end. He buried his face in her sweet smelling hair until he could bring himself to stop.