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My Eternal Love

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Every nerve in his body felt like it was on fire. He could feel the cool air from the vent on the wall brushing across his skin, each systematic, mechanical motion like a tongue licking at his naked skin.

Brandon clenched his fists and screamed out his frustration. The sound bounced off the walls and echoed in the nearly empty room. There didn't seem to be much more he could do. Lifting his arms took effort.

When the door opened and a dark figure crept into the room, it was all Brandon could do to turn his head and look. Brandon had just enough time to take in a rather tall figure dressed in a dark suit before the lights flashed off and the room plunged into total darkness.

He tried to push himself away when the man reached for him, panic overcoming his shock at the man's sudden appearance. His body just wouldn't cooperate. Brandon whimpered in fear as the man picked him up. His head rolled against a strong chest and the pure masculine scent of the man filled his senses.

"Ssshhh, mo shíorghrá, I have you," the man whispered.

"Wha -- who--"

"No talking," the man said quietly "I'm here to get you out of this mess. If they hear us, they might catch us. I need you to be very quiet."

Brandon cried out at the touch of the man's hands on his hot skin. He clutched at the man's shoulders as he arched into his body, needing more contact. "Touch me!"

 "Oh, mo shíorghrá, I can't," the man whispered. "You've been given something that makes you feel this way. I can't--"

"Please!" Brandon cried desperately. "I hurt."

The deep blue eyes staring down at Brandon seemed to waver for a moment. Brandon almost cried out again but then the man nodded and laid Brandon back down on the bed, following down to lay next to Brandon.

Strong callused hands skimmed over Brandon's body. His skin tingled as the heat in his body flamed. When strong firm fingers finally wrapped around his throbbing cock, Brandon nearly screamed in relief.

But that feeling was fast fleeting as the man began to stroke his heated shaft. The faster the hand wrapped around him moved, the more aroused Brandon became. He could feel the very air in the room move across his skin.

Brandon humped his hips trying to speed up the stimulation to his body. He could feel himself titter on the edge of a momentous orgasm. He just couldn't seem to fall over the edge. The faster he was stroked, the more he needed until Brandon felt tears fall from the corners of his eyes.

"I can't -- I can't--" Brandon just knew he was going to die if something didn’t happen soon. His balls had drawn up so tight to his body they felt like rocks. His cock was becoming too sensitive. Brandon clutched at the man's shirt and pleaded. "Please, help me. I can't--"

The man's azure blue eyes closed for a moment and he seemed to draw in a deep breath. When they opened, Brandon detected a hint of sadness in their depths. He didn't understand it.

"Okay, mo shíorghrá." There was a resigned tone to the man's voice that hadn't been there before. Brandon started to wonder about it until the man rolled to the side of the bed and started unzipping his slacks.

The hard cock revealed to Brandon's hungry gaze made him lick his lips as lust spiraled through his body. Brandon's breath caught in his throat. The man was beautiful, stunning, an Adonis.

"Sexy man," Brandon whispered as he reached out for the hottest looking man he'd ever seen in his life. He whined in protest when he was rolled to his stomach until he felt strong hands grip his hips and pull him to the edge of the bed.

Brandon eagerly spread his legs, impatient for what he hoped was coming. He'd seen the cock this man sported. He wanted it, he needed to feel it pounding into his ass. Brandon was pretty sure his life depended on it, and not because of some fucked up serum some lunatic doctor gave him.

As a lubed finger breached his ass, Brandon had just a moment to wonder where the lube had come from before the pleasure of being impaled overwhelmed him. Brandon started moaning, pushing back with his hips.

"More, please, more!"

Another finger was added, then another. The more he was touched, the more pleasure Brandon felt. Even the slight burn of having three fingers in his ass only added to the exquisite sensations bombarding Brandon.

When the fingers pulled out of his ass, Brandon started to sit up and protest only to have a hand push against the middle of his back, forcing him down onto the mattress. A moment later, Brandon felt his legs get pushed further apart.

"Are you sure, mo shíorghrá?" a voice whispered into the dark.


"I'm sorry, Brandon."

Brandon opened his mouth to ask what those words meant but the breath was stolen from his throat by the quick thrust of a cock in his ass. Brandon felt each movement, no matter how small. They fit together so perfectly, he was pretty sure he could feel the man behind him breathing.

Brandon pushed a pillow under his stomach and buried his face in his arms. He pushed back with his hips. There was a very distant part of him that was shocked that he was allowing… no, begging, some stranger to fuck him. It was quickly overshadowed by the intense pleasure that shot through his body when the man started to move. Brandon wasn't sure he'd ever felt anything so good in his life.

His wasn't a virgin by any stretch of the imagination but he wasn't a slut either. He'd had his share of relationships and one night stands. Nothing in his entire sexual experience prepared him for the feelings this man produced in him.

Brandon's entire body quaked as the man pounded into him. Each thrust pushed him forward on the bed, driving his cock into the pillow bunched beneath him. Each withdraw of the man's cock pulled him back, dragging Brandon's cock back against the soft material. It was just enough sensation to drive Brandon out of his mind.

The heat in Brandon's body built until an inferno blazed inside of him. He knew he was going to combust at any moment. Just when Brandon thought he couldn't take anymore, a hand grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his head back.

Brandon turned his head a bit, just able to see a strong chiseled jaw out of the corner of his eye. Deep azure blue eyes blazed at him, almost glowing in the darkness of the room.

"Give me your life, your love, your forever, as I give you mine,” the man said sternly. "Repeat them to me, mo shíorghrá."

Brandon blinked, confused, until the man gave him a little shake. "Brandon, you must repeat the words."

"Give me your life, your love, your forever, as I give you mine,” Brandon said. He started to turn his head more, wanting to question the man when he suddenly felt an aching pain in the back of his neck.

Brandon cried out. The pain intensified until it almost engulfed Brandon. Then, as fast as the pain came, it was gone, replaced by pleasure so intense, Brandon came close to blacking out.

Brandon gritted his teeth to keep from screaming as his entire body exploded. Wave after wave of ecstasy flowed through his body as he erupted all over the pillow beneath him.