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My Girl

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Daniel followed Nicky back out to the moving van. He couldn't keep his eyes of the soft curve of her ass. Daniel bet if he grabbed her ass, it would fit perfectly into his hands. It was glorious, curved just right and showcased to perfection in her tight denim shorts.

Daniel groaned and smacked himself in the head. What in the hell was he thinking? He couldn't be having fantasies about what Nicky's ass would look like naked. She was a woman. She was totally off limits.

Daniel grabbed a box and quickly carried it inside of Nicky's apartment. He needed to get the hell out of there before he made a pass at the woman and confused himself even more. Wouldn't his mother be thrilled? He was attracted to a woman.

It didn't take Daniel and Nicky more than twenty minutes to get the rest of her boxes inside. Daniel set the last one down on the floor and glanced around the small one bedroom apartment. His was a two bedroom but it wasn't much bigger. Luckily, he lived alone and was able to use the second bedroom for an office.

"Well," he said as he started backing himself toward the door, "welcome to the neighborhood, Nicky. If you need anything, I'm down the hallway in 4C. I work from home most of the time so I'm usually around. Just knock on the door."

Nicky's smile was bright, vibrant, and seared Daniel down to his soul.

"Thank you for all of your help, Daniel." The soft lyrical sound of his name in Nicky's voice was Daniel's undoing. He swallowed past the lump in his throat and wished away the hard on he knew could be seen in his jeans. Nicky was breathtaking.

"Anytime," Daniel replied. He took another step toward the door. He raked Nicky's body with his eyes, confused at the sudden racing of his heart then turned and nearly sprinted down the hallway to his apartment.

His hands shook as pushed his key into the lock. He fumbled with it for several moments before he actually got the door open and rushed inside, slamming the door loudly behind him. Daniel leaned back against the door and took a deep breath. It didn't help.

He unbuckled his jeans and pushed them down his thighs until his hard cock bounced free. He ached so much he couldn't keep a moan of need from breaking free of his mouth when he wrapped his hand around himself and started pumping.

He was out of his mind, he had to be. The faster he stroked, the more vivid the picture of Nicky's tight little ass became until he could see the woman bent over in front of him, the nicely curved globes of her ass cheeks too tempting to ignore.

With a loud roar, Daniel came. Ropes of pearly white seed spurt out of his cock, covering his hand and the floor below him. In his mind, he shot all over Nicky's ass. Daniel slumped back against the door and slowly slid down until he sat on the floor.

Daniel cradled his head in his hand. What in the hell was happening to him? He just jerked off to a fantasy of a woman. He was gay. He'd always been gay, since he knew what gay or straight was. He'd never been attracted to a woman. Why this one?

Daniel scooted back up the door. He grimaced as he remembered his hand was covered in cum as was the floor. He grabbed a washcloth from the kitchen and cleaned up the floor then headed to the shower.

He needed to do something to get his mind off the tempting ass of the woman down the hallway. He needed to reaffirm to himself that he was a gay man and he knew just the man to help him with that.

The moment Daniel stepped out of the shower he wrapped a towel around his waist and made his way to the phone. He knew the number by heart, dialed it, and waited for Ricky to pick up on the other end.

"This is me," Ricky said. "Is this you?"

"Ricky, you're such a smartass." Daniel chuckled, feeling more at ease by the moment. "Do you always answer your phone that way?"

"Only for you, love."

Daniel rolled his eyes. Ricky was a fruit and not because he was gay. He was just downright nuttier than a bed bug. But, he was also a good friend and former lover. It was just too bad that they couldn't get along in a relationship. The sex was phenomenal.

But more than twenty four hours spent in Ricky's company and Daniel was itching to strangle the man. For a few hours in the evening however, and Ricky could show him a good time.

"You hooked up at the moment, Ricky?"

"You know I'm saving myself for you, love."


Ricky chuckled. "Naw, I'm free, man."

"What happened to that banker you were seeing?" Daniel asked.

"Married, the asshole."

"Married never stopped you before, Ricky," Daniel snickered. It didn't. Rick wasn't too choosey about his bed partners.

"Yeah, but he was married to another guy," Ricky said as if the banker had done something horrific. "I don't much care if married people want to fool around a bit. Even they need to get laid, but fooling around on another guy? That's just wrong."

"Ah hell, Ricky, I didn't know you had scruples."

"Fuck you, man, even I have standards."

Daniel chuckled. "Yeah, okay, I get you. Do you still want to go out tonight?"

"Fringe?" Ricky asked, naming one of the gay clubs they liked visiting.

"That's the plan."

"Ooh, I'll get my dancing shoes."

"I'll meet you there at nine, okay?"

"I'll be waiting."

Daniel shook his head as he hung up the phone and headed for his dresser. Ricky really was a great guy. Daniel liked him a lot. It was just too bad they couldn't stand each other in a long term relationship.

They'd tried, twice. Both times they fought so much that it nearly came to blows. They ended up deciding that they made better friends and occasional hookups than anything serious. It was too rough on their friendship.

Daniel pulled a simple t-shirt and grabbed a pair of tight jeans out of his dresser. He tossed them on the bed and went into the bathroom to get ready. Brush his teeth, a comb through his hair, a little cologne, and he was just about ready to go.

He got dressed, grabbed his cell phone and wallet and shoved them in his pocket. Grabbing his keys, Daniel went out the door, locking it behind him. As he passed Nicky's door he slowed, hearing soft music coming from inside.

Daniel almost knocked on the door but curled his hand into a fist and made himself walk on by. He really had no business being interested in Nicky. He needed to get down to the bar and meet up with Ricky, get his head screwed back on straight.

And maybe just plain out get screwed.