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Not So Simple Simon

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“Come on, love.” Ares rolled to the side of the bed then stood, holding his hand out to his mate. “We can shower together and conserve energy.”

“That’s what you’re calling it?” Simon laughed as he scooted off the bed and took Ares’s hand, following him into the bathroom.

Ares wondered if he was going to be able to wipe the smile from his face before he went downstairs. He had a reputation as a badass. The goofy besotted grin on his face would ruin that.

And then Simon winked at him as he climbed into the shower and res no longer cared how goofy he looked. His mate was healthy, happy, and safe. That was pretty much all that mattered.

“Are you having any ill effects from last night?” Ares asked as he rinsed the conditioner from Simon’s hair.

“Naw, I’m good.” Simon slipped his arms around Ares’s wet waist, pulling him in for a kiss. Ares traced his tongue along Simon’s lower lip then delved in for a mind-blowing scorcher that sent his pulse racing.

“Turn around, babe.” With one little kiss, Ares was ready to fuck Simon into the wall. He grabbed the waterproof lube from the shelf. He slicked up his finger then reached his right hand under Simon’s ass, sliding a finger in his tight hole. Spearing two fingers in, he stretched his mate as his other hand glided over Simon’s wet skin.

“You’re so damn sexy.”

Simon poked his ass out, spreading his feet apart as Ares slid a third finger in. “I’m also ready.”

Ares pulled his hand away, lining his cock up. With his thumbs, he spread his mate’s cheeks apart. He pushed forward as he watched his cock being swallowed by the tight hole. The long low moan pouring from Simon’s mouth matched the growl of pleasure rumbling through Ares’s chest.

Ares grabbed Simon’s shoulders, thrusting into him repeatedly, hard, fast. Waves of pleasure pounded through his body as Simon’s ass clenched down on his cock, holding him, massaging him with each pulse. His orgasm washed over him suddenly. White spots danced behind his eyes as he filled Simon with his release.

He reached between them and gripped Simon’s leaking shaft, stroking him in rhythm with his thrusts.  He only had to tug a few times before Simon bowed his back, his seed shooting out onto his hand and the shower wall, his body jerking as he made the cutest sex noises.

Simon twitched a few more times before collapsing back against Ares, panting heavily. “That was…that was…”

Ares grinned. “That was fantastic. We should be good little pack members and conserve water more often.” Simon’s happy laughter filled the shower stall as Ares wrapped himself around his mate, thankful Simon was back in his arms. With this man, in his arms and in his life, the world couldn’t be simpler.