Story Excerpt
Not So Simple Simon

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“He’s beautiful.”

“No, Simon,” a slightly thicker, rougher version of his own voice hissed into his ear. “Not again. You thought Alpha Kohl’s son was beautiful too and look where that got us.”

Simon Fiske dropped his eyes from the gorgeous man standing on the porch next to their new alpha and stared down at the ground as he kicked at the dirt with the tip of his boot. The last time seriously wasn’t his fault. The alpha’s son had been cute.

He’d also been a jerk.

“I wasn’t going to do anything,” Simon mumbled under his breath. “I was just saying that I thought he was pretty.”

“Stay away from him, Simon.”

“But, Adam,” Simon protested, his head popping up to look at his brother. “Alpha Khenti said he’s the head of the enforcers.”

Adam’s dark-green eyes narrowed in warning. “And that means there is absolutely no reason for you to be around him.”

Simon’s shoulders slumped not just because his brother was ordering him away from the beautiful head enforcer but because Adam didn’t think there would be any reason for Simon to even be around the man.

He was slow, not stupid. He could still fight. It didn’t take a genius to fight and defend his pack. It took muscle, strength, a willingness to give his life for a cause greater than him. Simon wasn’t the strongest wolf in the pack but he wasn’t ready to roll over and show his belly to everyone either.

“I mean it, Simon,” Adam snapped, reaching over to grip Simon’s chin between his fingers. Simon hated it when Adam did that. Big brother or not, Adam didn’t need to treat him like a child. He got enough of that from everyone else. “We’ve barely been here a week. Don’t fuck this up for us.”

Simon felt his eyes water as he shoved his fisted hands into his pockets and dropped his eyes from Adam’s angry gaze. “Okay, Adam,” he said in a voice that was filled with so much resignation that he winced. He hated when he sounded so defeated but sometimes it was easier to give in to Adam than to fight with him.

Just as soon as Adam grunted and turned back to listen to what the alpha was saying to the new pack members, Simon glanced up at the gorgeous enforcer again through the fall of his bangs. Something tight unfurled inside him at the sight of the tall man.

Damn, he really was hot. He was a dark figure of a man, big and powerful. Simon thought he probably could have been an alpha if he wanted to be. But the air of danger that seemed to hover around him gave credence to his role as an elite enforcer, his presence on the porch as commanding as the alpha and beta of Aberdeen Pack.

The large man towered over most of the other men on the platform by several inches. The thick muscles rippling under his tight white shirt quickened Simon’s pulse and made his cock throb in his pants. The enforcer had long sturdy legs encased in a tight black material, emphasizing the thickness of his thighs. His wide shoulders seemed to stretch endlessly, pulling at the seams of his white shirt.

Simon inhaled slowly, trying to beat back his arousal, not wanting anyone to smell it. Scent was very powerful among wolf-shifters. Anyone standing close to him—including his brother—would be able to smell the subtle change in his scent.

Please don’t let me embarrass myself.

Simon just couldn’t seem to help it. Every time he caught a glimpse of the handsome enforcer, his body just reacted, going from cold to hot in the blink of an eye. It was like it happened whether he wanted it to or not.

When the new alpha finished talking, he introduced everyone. Simon finally heard the name of his dream man for the very first time—Ares. It was a beautiful name for a beautiful man. Simon knew his Greek mythology. Ares was named after the God of war, violence and bloodshed. It suited the enforcer. In his line of work he probably saw a lot of violence and carnage.

Simon stepped back behind the other new pack members when Alpha Khenti and Ares, along with the rest of the Aberdeen Pack inner circle, came down off the porch of the alpha house and started to move throughout the throng of people.

Simon knew he would have to meet with Alpha Khenti at some point, and probably Ares as well. He just didn’t want to do it in a crowd of people. He knew if the enforcer got too close, there would be no hiding his arousal from Ares or anyone else.

“Simon!” Adam’s jaw ticked as he glanced over his shoulder at him. “What are you doing?”

Simon searched his brain for a good answer that Adam would accept. His heart started beating with excitement when he spotted the gunmetal black barbeque cookers and wooden tables piled high with food.

“I’m hungry,” he said quickly as he edged back even further. “I want to get something to eat.”

“You will wait here until our new alpha greets you.”

Simon grimaced as he looked through the people milling about and spotted Alpha Khenti moving slowly toward him and Adam. Simon felt his face flush, his arousal deepening when he spotted a set of deep bronze eyes staring back at him from just behind the alpha.