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Operation Bravo

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"Do you know who I am?"


Just guessing here.

"Why are you doing this?" Jack asked as if he really didn't know. "I could snap you in half without breaking a sweat and yet you keep doing your damnedest to piss me off."

My lips curled up in a smirk. "Kinky."

Jack's jaw dropped. "I don't know what to do with you."

I dropped my gaze down to where his hard cock pressed against my abdomen. "Oh, I could give you a few ideas."

Jack's thin brows drew together as he frowned. I watched his confusion, my smile growing as he tried to figure out if I was telling the truth or not.

I was.

I planted a hand on each side of Jack's face and drew him in, pressing our lips together. When he did nothing, I licked a line across the seam of his lips, pushing my tongue against them until they parted and allowed me in.

Jack's breath caught and small shudder wracked his body before he grabbed me. Jack's fingers were hard as they dug into my skin. His lips were rough, uncompromising. His hard, muscled body pressed me into the wall as if he was afraid I might try to escape.

I wouldn't.

I was right where I wanted to be, where I'd dreamed of being for months. Jack had no idea what kind of monster he'd released when he kissed me back. I would have left him alone if he pushed me away, but he hadn't.

Poor Jack.

I pulled at his shift until I could push it up out of the way. Jack stopped kissing me long enough to whip it over his head and t hen his lips were back, pressing against mine as he tried to devour me.

I wanted to be devoured.

I dropped my hands down between us and went to work on the buttons and zipper of his pants. Once they were open, I pushed them out of the way until I could fish his cock out of his underwear. Long and thick, hot and silky, it felt perfect in my hands.

I couldn't wait to find out if it felt just as perfect pounding into my ass.

I broke away from Jack's lips and reached for the small wooden box Ian kept on the dresser. I knew from experience that he kept individual packets of lube and condoms in there. I hadn't ever had a guy in here, but I'd jerked off a few times.

Like I said, Ian was a very good host. He supplied his guests with just about everything they could need. I was pretty sure Jack was going to supply me with the rest.

When Jack searched out my lips again, I eagerly gave into the kiss. I thrust my tongue into his mouth, tangling with his. My cock throbbed and leaked when Jack responded, devouring my mouth. I gloried under the hard ravishment of his lips.

When he pulled back to stare into my eyes, we were both panting hard, drawing in great gulps of air. I held up the lube and condoms without saying a word. Jack stared at them. I wasn't sure if he thought they were the best thing he'd seen since sliced bread or if he was afraid they'd jump out and bite him.

Could go either way.

"I'm not gay," Jack whispered.

Well, damn.

"I don't care." I replied.

Well, I did, but I wanted to feel jack fuck me even more.

Jack's eyebrows lifted for a moment before he grabbed both items. He ripped the condom package open and then rolled it down his hard shaft. A moment later, he was lathering himself with the lube.

When he lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist. I knew there wasn't going to be a lot of foreplay, but I was surprised when he just started pushing into me. My breath caught as a searing pain ripped through my ass. I quickly pushed out to make the going just a little easier even though I knew only time would make me feel like I wasn't being split in two.

It was very clear from the way he thrust inside of me that Jack wasn't gay. Luckily, I enjoyed a little pain with my pleasure. Not quite this amount of pain, but I could handle it without breaking.

It took a few thrusts before my ass started to feel as if it was no longer on fire. Jack was definitely no slouch in the cock department. The man filled every inch of my ass every time he thrust into me.

He drove into me as if he was desperate to have my ass wrapped around his cock. His movements were uncoordinated. He teeth were gritted. His fingers dug into my skin, no doubt leaving bruises behind.

It was glorious.

"Harder, Jack," I begged. "Fuck me harder."

Jack growled as he swung me around and dropped me down onto the bed. His arms curled under my legs, pulling my ass up until I was almost bent in half.

Jack's gaze dropped to where we were connected. His eyes darkened as he drove his cock into me over and over again. If the thickening of his cock was anything to go by, Jack liked what he was seeing.

I know I certainly was. My cock was so hard, I was afraid it might shatter if I touched it, but I didn't really need to touch it. I could feel myself barely toward my orgasm like a runaway freight train without breaks.

I cried out as I crested, my head pressing back into the mattress. The cum that shot out of my cock and splattered across my abdomen was squished between us as Jack leaned over me, pressing me back into the mattress.

His teeth bit into my neck as his roar echoed around the room. I felt the warmth as Jack filled the condom with his release. His cock continued to throb and jerk inside of me for several moments.

Jack didn't move. Just stayed right where he was for the longest time. Eventually, he lifted his head to look down at me. There was an almost imperceptible note of pleading in his face, but his dark eyes were hungry and lustful.

"I'm not gay."

The corner of my mouth pulled up into a slight grin as I patted Jack's sweaty back. "Okay, Jack."