Adult Excerpt
Operation Foxtrot

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"God, you're an ass."

My eyebrows shot up. "Me?"

I was the ass?

"After you helped Ian rescue Hank, I thought you were someone who could be depended on, but you're just as flaky as I first thought you were."

My eyes narrowed. "Flaky?"

I definitely hadn't had enough coffee for this.

"Fuck you, Cooper."

"No, fuck you."

"Get out of my house." No one looked good enough to take that shit. "Get out!"

When Cooper just stood there and sneered at me, I threw my coffee cup at him. My eyes rounded as I realized what I had done, and that I was probably going to die in the next ten seconds.

My skin prickled when Cooper growled. I wasn't sure I'd ever heard a sound like that come out of someone's mouth before and certainly not from a man looking at me the way Cooper was looking at me.

This man wanted to consume me.

Made sense. I wanted to be consumed.

The lust burning in Cooper's green eyes was almost blinding. His chest heaved with his heavy breathing. The man looked tense as if he was ready to pounce.

"Cooper?" I whispered as I took a step back. I wasn't afraid. I would never be afraid of Cooper, but the man looked really intense. Cooper's fists clenched. The corner of one lip curled up, but I didn't know if it was a snarl or a sneer.

I wasn't sure it mattered.

My eyes widened when Cooper pounced. I was quickly pressed against Cooper's body, the man's arms wrapping tightly around me. I groaned when Cooper nuzzled the side of my neck. I dropped my head fall back, exposing my vulnerable skin to the man's questing lips. I felt the heady sensation of Cooper's lips against my throat all the way to my soul.

I tasted a hint of copper when Cooper's lips smashed against mine. There was a hunger there that made me melt against him. The man's kiss was hard and desperate and I loved every second of it. I groaned again, giving myself freely to the passion I could feel in it, the need.

A hot ache grew in my throat. I needed more than a kiss, as earth moving as it was. I needed to feel Cooper's body pressed against mine, to feel the man's naked skin. I jerked Cooper's shirt out of his cargo pants and pushed my hands up under the material, moving across the well defined muscles of the man's smooth chest.

Cooper suddenly tore his mouth away from mine and looked at me. Our eyes locked as our breathing came in unison, hot and heavy.

My breath stuttered in my chest when Cooper yanked my pajama bottoms down my legs, tossing them to the floor. I was lifted into the air then gently laid back on the counter. Nearly six and half feet of hungry male stood between my legs. Cooper moved a lot quick, pulling his shirt off and pushing his pants down his legs.

I hissed when I was yanked back into Cooper's arms, the large man looming over the top of me. The closeness of our bodies was like a drug to me, lulling me into a passionate euphoria that I was helpless to escape.

I didn't want to escape.

When Cooper's hands began to move over my skin, I bit my lip to stifle my outcry of delight. My heart seemed to rush to every spot Cooper touched. I didn't know my body was so sensitive to Cooper's caress until it happened, and then I could only beg for more.

"Cooper, please."

I groaned loudly and pushed up against the powerful body above mine when I felt Cooper's thick lubed fingers slide effortlessly into my ass. My senses leapt and a delicious shudder heated my body.

Cooper began thrusting his fingers in and out of my tight ring of muscles. At the same time, he leaned his head down and licked around my nipple, biting at the sensitive nub before moving on to the other one.

All of my senses, every nerve in my body, fired up at the same time until I didn't know where I ended and Cooper began. My heart hammered in my ears only overshadowed by the heartbeat of the man hovering over the top of me.

My entire body trembled when I felt the man's cock replace his fingers. Cooper slowly slid into me and time suddenly stopped. Then Cooper started moving. It didn't matter to me how slowly the man moved, I felt every inch of his cock move in and out of me.

Cooper made no attempt to hide the fact that he was watching me. He didn't move away. He didn't look away. He just stared down at me until the intensity in his eyes became stronger than the pull of desire in my body.

A hot ache grew in my throat. My eyes watered with unshed tears. My heart beat frantically in my chest. I cried out, my head falling back as an orgasm suddenly flowed through me so intently that spots danced in front of my eyes.

My body melted against Cooper's and my world was filled with the man as I shattered into a million glowing stars. I breathed in deep soul drenching drafts of air as Cooper cried out above me, filling me with the burning sign of his release.

I slowly moved my hands over Cooper's back, his sides, rubbing up to wrap around the man's neck. I held Cooper to me, our sweat soaked bodies pressing together as our heartbeats slowed.

I snuggled against Cooper, our legs entwined. I didn't ever want to leave the haven I had found in Cooper's arms. I sighed with pleasant exhaustion as Cooper's lips moved over my skin, a small kiss placed against the pulse in my neck.

I sighed when Cooper finally moved off of me. I could have easily laid there for a hundred years, snug in the man's muscular arms.