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Operation Tango

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I couldn't keep a moan of pure pleasure from escaping my lips as I was grabbed and held close, Hank's lips slamming down over mine. I groaned and leaned into Hank, tangling my hands in 'the man's hair.

Hank's lips were hard and searching as they pressed against mine. The pleasure rocketing through my body was intense. Hank stole the breath from my lungs and made it hard to breathe.

What breath I did have caught in my throat when Hank began stripping my clothes from my body. I blushed furiously when Hank growled as my naked body was exposed. Hank had seen me naked before, but for some reason, this almost felt like the first time.

Hank stood back and pulled his shirt over his head, tossing it carelessly to the floor. My breathing came a little faster as hard, rippled muscles were revealed as the man unzipped his pants and pushed them down his thick, sturdy thighs. The more naked skin that was exposed, the less air there seemed to be in the room.

I was panting heavily by the time Hank moved back to me.

My skin felt flushed with arousal.

"On your hands and knees, baby."

My eyes rounded slightly at the growly sound in Hank's voice. There was an intensity in Hank's brown eyes that unnerved me as much as it aroused me.

I quickly rolled over onto my hands and knees. I felt Hank move up behind me and then lean over the top of me. I clenched my hands in the sheets, anticipation riding me hard. I arched under Hank and tried to move into the hands caressing my skin.

I ached.

I needed.

Each soft touch was light and tentative.

It was teasing.

I was going out of my mind.

When Hank's lips started moving down the edge of my jawbone to my throat, I tilted my head back, giving Hank better access. The growl that rumbled through Hank's chest set my pulse to pounding frantically.

It was the hottest damn thing I had ever heard.

Hank's hot breath blew across my neck. I heard a snap. A moment later, slick fingers pressed between my ass cheeks. 'My breathing hitched when one of those fingers brushed against my tight hole.

"Hank," I groaned when he felt a thick finger breach his ass.

A long shiver of ecstasy rippled through his body.

I pushed up with my hips, trying to get more of that finger in my ass. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it would do for now, especially if Hank would just start moving the damn thing.

"Is this what you want, baby?" Hank asked as he pushed in another finger.

"Yes." I panted. "Please."

Hank chuckled as he started moving his hand, pushing in and out with his fingers as he slowly stretched me out.

I started panting again. The slight twinge of pain caused by being stretched faded quickly under the onslaught of pleasure shooting through my body. I barely felt the third finger enter my ass, but I sure felt the fourth one.

I inhaled sharply when Hank pulled his fingers free, but I groaned a moment later when I felt the blunt head of Hank's cock push against my tight hole. The pressure as Hank pushed into me was overwhelming. I pushed out and Hank suddenly slipped in, the man groaning loudly.

"Don't move, Ian, or this will be over before it begins."

I tried to stay still.

Really I did.

I tried not to move a muscle, but my ass was being stretched so far with just the head of Hank's cock inside.

I held my breath.

"Hank, please,"  I begged.

I squeezed my ass muscles as hard as I could, trying to get Hank to move or touch me or something. I screamed in ecstasy when Hank grabbed my hips and thrust all of the way inside.

Something had been unleashed in Hank, something dangerous.

I could feel it.

Hank's body pounded into me. The man's massive cock filled me to the barest edge of pain over and over again. I barely had time to feel Hank fill me before the man was pulling out again and then slamming back in.

I screamed as my world exploded into a downpour of sensation. My body seized as ropes of seed shot from my cock and pleasure unlike anything I had ever known swept through my body.

My mind moved in a haze, barely acknowledging the noise Hank made as the man tossed his head back and roared out his release. Hank's cock thickened as hot lava flooded my ass, filling so much of me that I didn't think the man would ever leave.

I was good with that.