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Pax's Blues

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"Hey, little bird," Colt murmured as he nuzzled the side of Pax's head.

"Hey," Pax whispered back.

"Did you know that Lost Star Three is renowned for its mineral springs?"

Pax tilted his head back to look up at Colt. "Mineral springs?"

"Yep." Colt grinned. "They are supposed to rejuvenate the body and increase the libido."

Pax's jaw dropped. He liked sex as much as the next guy—well, since Colt came along anyway—but he doubted he would be walking if Colt's libido increased. He wasn't sitting easily now as it was. He just wasn't going to tell Colt that. The man seemed to get easily upset if there was something wrong with Pax.

"I was thinking we could slip away and spend a little time together in the springs."

It wasn't like Pax could deny Colt anything the man wanted. He grinned sheepishly. "Okay."

"Maybe you can convince Gigi to pack us a lunch and we can make a day of it."

Pax started to warm to the idea the more Colt talked about it. The idea of spending some quality on-on-one time with Colt was better than almost anything Pax could think of. "Will we have enough time? Don't we have to get the cargo and take it wherever it needs to go?"

"Hey, Remy," Colt called back over his shoulder, "how long are we going to be on Lost Star Three? My little bird and I want to make some plans."

Remy chuckled. "We've made pretty good time so I suppose we can have a little R and R while we're there but just one day. Once the cargo is loaded we need to get underway."

Pax's eyes rounded when Gigi squealed and jumped into Remy's arms. Gigi was just so… so… bouncy. Pax peered up at Colt to see if he was watching Gigi jump and bounce around. Was that something Colt liked?

Colt was looking right down at him as if he didn't even realize Gigi was in the same room. He chuckled and shook his head as Gigi's noises got louder.

"That would drive me nuts," Colt whispered. "Gigi is cool and all but how Remy stands that constant noise, I will never know."

"I don't make a lot of noise, do I?"

Colt winked. "You do when it counts."

Pax squeezed his eyes closed as his face heated up. He might as well be red instead of blue. He spent more time with his face flushed than he did without it.

"We'll be landing soon," Colt whispered into Pax's ear as his hand moved down to caress Pax's butt. "Want to go see if we can make some noise before we land?"

Pax giggled and grabbed Colt's hand, dragging him toward the door of the bridge. He had plans for his hawk and they didn't involve a room full of onlookers. The lift at the other end of the corridor was looking pretty good, though. The crew quarters were just too far away.

Pax heard Colt chuckling behind him as he pulled the man down the hallway and around the corner to the lift. He hit the button to open the door then turned and looked at his mate. "Livewire hasn't gotten the lift working yet."


Pax giggled and stepped back into the small space. He grabbed Colt's shirt and dragged the man inside then leaned past him to close the door. There wasn't much room in the small lift but they wouldn't need much for what he had in mind.

"I don't suppose you have any lube on you, do you?"

Colt shook his head. "Nope."

"Damn." Pax twisted his lips together as he tried to figure out how they could fool around without lube. As he looked from the top of Colt's head down to his boot clad feet, sudden inspiration struck him.

Pax dropped to his knees and went for the zipper on Colt's pants. He glanced up at Colt as he pulled the big man's hard shaft out of his pants. Colt had his hands pressed against each side of the small lift. His bottom lip was being bitten between his teeth. His blue eyes however, glowed dark with lust.

Pax kept his eyes locked with Colt's as he leaned forward and wrapped his lips around the cock in his hand. Colt's eyes closed for a moment then snapped open again, almost as if Colt couldn't stand to miss the show.

Pax made sure that he leaned back enough that Colt could see what he was doing but not take his lips away from the cock in his mouth. He paid special attention to the slit in the top and around the edges of the mushroomed head, lavishing them with his tongue.

Colt started panting softly. It gave Pax the courage to put all of his experience and knowledge into giving his mate the best blow job of his life. He really didn't want Colt to know exactly how much experience he had but showing him was a bit different than telling him.

"That feels so fucking good, little bird."

Pax grinned around the thick cock in his mouth then closed his lips around it and sucked it deep into his mouth. One thing he had never shared with Colt—he had a nonexistent gag reflex. He was able to swallow Colt's erection until the man hit the back of his throat.

"Fucking hell!" Colt groaned as his hips snapped forward.

Pax moved his mouth up and down Colt's cock, tightening his lips and stroking his tongue over the thickly veined sides. He felt Colt's fingers clench in his hair as his body trembled.

"Pax, gonna..."

Pax groaned as elation filled him and sucked harder as Colt roared. Hot salty liquid filled his mouth. Pax swallowed as much as he could then licked the rest away until Colt shuddered and pulled away.

"Damn, little bird, that was—" Colt frowned when Pax started tucking him back into his pants. "What about you, little bird? What can I do for you?"

Pax giggled as his face flushed. He stood to his feet and pressed his face into Colt's chest. "Get me a napkin to clean up the mess in my pants?"

Colt gapped for a moment then his deep booming laughter filled the lift. Pax smiled, his embarrassment at coming in his pants sliding away under his mate's joy. Pax glanced up into Colt's handsome face. "So, about that napkin."