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Picture Me Perfect

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Nicky stared at Troy’s generously curved mouth and licked his lips. “Can I kiss you?”

            “I’d like that very much.” Troy’s voice sounded so husky that it sent a chill of excitement down Nicky’s spine. He looked down at Troy’s lips again. He hesitated, afraid of screwing up. The first kiss was always so important.

            Finally, unable to stop himself any longer, Nicky leaned in and pressed his lips against Troy’s. It immediately sent the pit of his stomach into a swirl. Nicky felt like he just kissed a light socket. Every nerve ending in his body was firing off at the same time.

            His tongue traced the soft fullness of Troy’s lips before delving inside to explore. A strong heady taste blasted across Nicky’s tongue, a taste unique to Troy and one that Nicky knew he’d crave for the rest of his life.

            “I could live on your kisses,” Nicky moaned. He knew kissing Troy was one thing he would want a lot of if they were going to try a relationship together. Nicky loved kissing. He’d kill to kiss Troy.

            Nicky groaned, pressing himself against Troy’s solid body but it wasn’t enough. He needed more. He needed skin. Nicky reluctantly pulled his lips away from Troy’s and sat up, swinging his leg over Troy’s lap until he straddled the man.

            “I need skin,” he said as he grabbed the edge of his shirt and pulled it over the top of his head, tossing it over the back of the couch. He settled his hands on Troy’s massive shoulders. “I think I might die if I don’t feel your hands on me.”

            Troy solved that problem by instantly wrapping his hands around Nicky’s torso. Nicky sighed at the gentle touch, arching into Troy. “Oh my God, Troy, your hands,” he cried out. “Your hands are wonderful.”

            Nicky wanted to experience more of Troy’s touch but the man suddenly tilted him backward. Nicky looked down to see Troy looking at the bruises on his sides. Nicky groaned. “Please, we’ll talk about them later.”

            Troy arched an eyebrow. “We will talk about this later, Nicky, and I’ll want the complete truth.”

            “Yes, anything, just please, touch me,” Nicky begged crying out when Troy’s hands began to stroke his naked skin. He shuddered when he felt Troy’s lips kiss his shoulder, his collar bone, down his chest.

            Nicky tried to concentrate on touching Troy back, stroking his luscious skin, and there was so damn much of it. He could explore Troy’s body for hours, especially the smattering of hair across his chest that narrowed to a small trail leading down under the waistline of his jogging pants. Nicky wanted to follow it with his tongue.

            When he leaned forward to lick at the small pulse beating in Troy’s throat, the man’s hands slipped around to his back. Troy stroked up Nicky’s spine then back down again to grab his ass through his jeans.

Nicky’s hips snapped forward in surprise then pushed back against Troy’s hands. When Troy’s hand pushed under the waistline of his jeans and skimmed the crevice at the top of his ass, Nicky lost whatever was left of his mind.

He rose up and his knees, reached down and unbuttoned his jeans then pushed them down. His hard cock sprang free and slapping against Troy’s stomach. Troy’s hands instantly slipped further down the crack of Nicky’s ass.

Nicky yelped when he was suddenly lifted up into the air. Before he knew it, his jeans were stripped down his legs and he was spun around and sat back down on Troy’s lap, his back resting against Troy’s chest.

Troy’s hands were immediately back on his body, trailing down his chest, caressing his nipples, stroking his cock. Nicky arched into Troy’s touch, overwhelmed by the sensations burning through his body.

Nicky laid his head against Troy’s shoulder and turned his head to start kissing and licking at the man’s neck. He wrapped his arms around Troy’s neck and pulled his head down into a kiss, his hands clenching in Troy’s hair.

“Spread your legs, baby,” Troy whispered against his lips.

Nicky spread his legs. His breath hitched in his throat when he felt the massive shaft moving between his thighs. He broke away from Troy’s lips and looked down, stunned by the size of the cock rubbing against him.

“It’ll never fit.”

Troy chuckled. “It will fit, baby, don’t you worry.”

Nicky shook his head in disbelief. Troy’s cock was huge. Even with Nicky sitting on Troy’s lap the thick shaft was almost equal in height to Nicky’s cock. He watched in stunned amazement as Troy wrapped his hands around both of their cocks and began stroking them together. The sight was exotic. It felt even better.

Nicky’s head fell back against Troy’s chest as a massive amount of sensation flooded his body. He turned his head and panted against the side of Troy’s throat, his eyes drifting close. His hips began moving against Troy’s tight grip.

His hands clenched in Troy’s hair as he groaned. “Troy, I can’t—I’m gonna—”

“Open your eyes, baby,” Troy growled. “I want to see your eyes when you come for me.”

Nicky opened his eyes and tilted his head back so he could look up into Troy’s hazel brown eyes. He could feel the sensual light that passed between them like a caress. The fire built higher. Nicky could see it in the darkening of Troy’s eyes, the harshness of his breath.

“Troy,” he whispered, caressing the side of Troy’s face as the fire inside of him exploded into an eruption of pure white hot heat. Nicky stiffened. His breath caught in his throat for just a moment before he screamed out the ecstasy he felt coursing through his body.

Troy’s face flushed. His jaw clenched. He growled deeply, his lower body snapping up as wetness covered them both, joining Nicky’s release. Nicky flushed when Troy’s hand fisted in his hair and turned his head up, Troy claiming his lips in the most possessive kiss Nicky ever remembered receiving. It rocked him down to his toes.

Troy finally lifted his head, panting heavily. His eyes looked dazed, slightly confused. “You’re fucking amazing, Nicky. I’ve never come so hard in my life and I haven’t even gotten inside of you yet. You just might kill me.”

Nicky chuckled and tucked his head into the hollow of Troy’s neck. “I would never hurt you,” he murmured as he planted several small kisses on Troy’s musky skin.

Troy returned the kisses on the top of Nicky’s head. “We need to get cleaned up, baby. We’re covered in goo.”

Nicky reached past Troy’s head and grabbed his t-shirt, handing it to Troy. “I’m not moving. I like it right where I am. Besides, my legs would never hold me.”

Troy laughed. Nicky groaned when Troy began cleaning them both up, his hand brushing over Nicky’s sensitive flesh. He tossed the shirt to the floor and grabbed the blanket, covering them both.

“So, time to tell me about the bruises, Nicky.”