Story Excerpt
Pleasing Michael

flame div

“He’s watching again.”

“Let him.”

“It’s creepy,” Sean insisted.

Jack Davis rolled his eyes as he leaned over the green felt pool table and line up for another shot. “He’s just looking, Sean. He’s not causing any harm.” Jack raised his head and glanced at the dark haired man watching him from across the room. “Besides, he’s kind of sexy.”

“But, he’s just…staring. It’s eerie, dude.”

Jack chuckled. “Sean, they always stare.” Men and women tended to stare at him. Jack was used to it. He didn’t even pay attention to it anymore.

Sean shook his head. “Not like this, man. This guy is like seriously obsessed with you. We’ve seen him in here every Friday night for over two months and every time he just sits back over there in his little corner and stares at you the entire time.”

Jack gave the man another covert look through his eyelashes. The man was still staring at him. It was a very focused look, centered directly on Jack and nowhere else.  The man had been staring at him with that same intense gaze every time Jack saw him in the bar.

Sean was right. It was a little creepy. Jack was used to men staring at him. His thick muscled body, tall stature, and tight ass had a lot of men looking. Toss in the naturally tanned skin, the sunlight blond hair and sea blue eyes and Jack had been told he was every gay man’s wet dream.

He wasn’t so sure. If he was supposed to be every gay man’s wet dream what was he doing at a bar on a Friday night playing pool with his best friend instead of at home in bed getting laid?

Jack wished he could figure it out. He’d be a much happier man. As it was he was tired and once again facing a lonely bed when he got home tonight, which was just about how his life was every night. He should be used to it by now. He wasn’t.

Jack glanced at the man again. Yep, he was still staring. Jack stood up straight and handed his pool cue to Sean. He was fed up with this. Without saying a word to Sean, Jack walked away, crossing the room until he stood directly in front of the well dressed man.

He crossed his arms over his chest and glared down at the smaller man. Jack was used to his size and demeanor intimidating other people. He was surprised when the man simply raised a dark brown eyebrow at him then took a slow sip of his drink.

The man didn’t say anything. He simply continued to stare. He looked Jack up and down, an emotion shining in his eyes that Jack couldn’t quite place. It unnerved Jack in a way that few things could. He felt like this stranger could see right into his soul and pick out his deepest, darkest secrets.

“Is there a reason that you keep staring at me?” Jack bit out through his clenched teeth.

The man merely smiled. “If you didn’t want people staring at you, you wouldn’t spend so much time working on your physique, now would you?”

The cool rusty tone of the man’s voice sent shivers down Jack’s spine. “How’d you know that I work out?” Jack asked, starting to feel increasingly nervous. Was this guy some creepy stalker dude?

The man chuckled. “I know a lot about you.”

“Like what?” Jack challenged.

The man smirked. “I know that you like to work out. You also spend every Friday night in here playing pool with your friend, Sean. You only drink light beer and never more than three. And you always leave by midnight so that you can get to your job washing dishes at the cafe in the morning.”

“Have you been spying on me?” Jack asked, feeling partly outraged and partly intrigued.

“I don’t spy,” the man replied simply. “I have no need to.”

Jack’s eyebrows scrunched together in a frown. “Who are you?”

He was confused as he watched the man toss back the last of his drink and set the glass on the table. It was only as he stood up that Jack realized the man stood several inches shorter than him. He should have been intimidated by Jack’s height if not his sheer body mass. He wasn’t. He seemed to find it, and Jack, amusing in some way.

The man grabbed his dark brown jacket and pulled it on over his crisp white shirt. He tossed a few dollar bills on the table then turned to look at Jack. Jack almost jumped when the man reached over and gently ran his thumb across Jack’s lips.

“Jackson,” the man began as he took a step towards Jack.

“Huh? Wha—” How did this man know his name?

He leaned up, his lips close Jack’s ear, his deep masculine scent wafting over Jack. “You know who I am, pretty baby.” The softly whispered words sent shivers of longing down Jack’s body. He stood there in a dazed stupor as the man smiled then turned and walked away.

Jack watched him until he left the bar and disappeared into the night. He knew something profound had just happened but for the life of him, Jack couldn’t figure out what.