Adult Excerpt
Poppy's Pleasure

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Dean chuckled and reached over to brush Poppy's hair back from his face. "How are you feeling, Poppy?"

"I hurt, Master."

"You hurt?" Dean pushed himself up into a sitting position and glanced down the length of Poppy's body. He couldn't see anything wrong with Poppy. He looked fine. Maybe he was getting a stomach ache from all that sugar. "Where?"

Poppy's face flushed as he grabbed his groin. "Here."

Dean swallowed hard as every ounce of blood in his body flowed south. "Let me see."

Poppy didn't hesitate at all as he raised the oversized shirt he wore up to his chest and exposed the beautiful erection jutting out from his groin.

"Oh, hell." Dean licked his lips. They had gone as dry as the Sahara Desert all of a sudden. His throat wasn't doing much better. If felt so thick he could barely get air down into his lungs. "Would you like me to make it better, Poppy?"

He should be shot for asking but…

"Please, Master."

Yeah, he was going to go to hell for this.

He just knew it.

Dean scooted up to the top of the bed and then gestured for Poppy to join him. When Poppy got to his side, Dean lifted the man up and over his chest. He kept his eyes locked on Poppy's as he leaned forward and sucked the head of Poppy's cock into his mouth.

"Master!" Poppy wailed.

When Poppy wiggled to get away, Dean tightened his grip on Poppy's hips and held him in place. He sucked Poppy's hard cock further into his mouth, carefully listening for any sounds that said Poppy didn't want this.

Instead, deep moans filled his ears and Poppy pressed forward with his hips. Dean almost grinned, but that would have meant letting go of the cock in his mouth and he wasn't about to do that. Instead, Dean grabbed the edges of Poppy's shirt in his hand and lifted it up until Poppy pulled it over his head and tossed it away.

Now, the man was totally naked in Dean's arms. Well, on his chest, but it was essentially the same thing. Poppy was naked. Dean started sucking long and hard as he reached for the bottle of lube on the nightstand.

Behind Poppy's back, he flipped the lid and poured some out on his fingers. He closed the lid with the other hand and set the bottle lube down on his chest. He pulled off of Poppy's cock long enough to tell the man to grab the headboard and then he sucked him right back down.

When Poppy grabbed the headboard, it changed the angel for both of them. Poppy's cock now hung hard and long right over Dean's face, making it easier to lick the sides and get to Poppy's balls.

It also made it easier for Dean to reach Poppy's ass. Dean kept his lips locked firmly around Poppy's cock as he stroked his fingers lightly over the crack of Poppy's ass. He knew the moment his fingers brushed against Poppy's hole because the man suddenly stilled and a long keening noise filled the room.

Swallowing Poppy's erection to the root, Dean pushed one finger into Poppy's ass. It was only as his finger slid easily in that Dean remembered what Gage had told him. When he was aroused, his pheromones would tell Poppy's body that he was about to be claimed by his mate.

Dean didn't have to stretch him out.

Still, he wanted to be really, really sure. He would never do anything that would hurt Poppy, and fucking him with no lube would hurt like the dickens. He wiggled his finger for a moment and the pushed in another finger.

With his free hand, Dean reached up between their bodies and tugged on one of Poppy's pert brown hued nipples. Poppy's cries grew louder as he started humping Dean's face. Dean stroked his hand all over Poppy's chest and abdomen, flicking his fingernails over Poppy's little buds.

At the same time, he pushed a third finger into Poppy's tight ass, fucking him with all three digits. Using his tongue, Dean laved the tender depression beneath the swollen crown of Poppy's cock and then tongue-fucked the tiny slit, licking away the salty taste of Poppy's essence.

When Dean felt Poppy start to strain and tense, Dean reached back down between them and unzipped his pants. His cock was so hard that it bounced up the second his pants were open. Dean wiggled his hips until he could push his pants down to his hips. It wasn't easy with one hand.

Dean sucked and swallowed until, with a scream, Poppy's release flooded his welcoming mouth. Poppy's ass clenched so hard he sucked Dean's fingers inside of him past the second knuckle. Dean swallowed until Poppy went boneless and the hard flesh in his mouth began to soften.