Adult Excerpt
Primal Oath

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Isaac moved to the edge of the altar. He reached down with both hands and grabbed Jory's hips, pulling him to the edge of the platform. Jory's arms were stretched tight over his head. His butt hovered over the end of the altar. Isaac pushed Jory's thighs apart, baring the man's hard cock and puckered hole to his hungry gaze.

"You'll never fit!" Jory hissed. "You'll kill me."

Isaac's head jerked up to find Jory staring down at his hard, dark reddish cock with a mixture of horror and lust. Isaac had to admit that Jory had a right to be scared. In his demon form, not only was he huge in body mass, weighing in around three hundred-fifty pounds and standing over seven feet tall, his cock was equal to his size.

Everything about him was massive.

Isaac bit his lip to keep from snickering at the look on Jory’s face. He grabbed Jory's ankles and held his legs apart. His long shaft stood straight and hard out from his body. The altar held Jory just high enough that Isaac simply had to step closer and the head of his cock butted up against Jory's quivering hole.

He rocked himself back and forth, coating Jory's tight entrance with the pre-cum dripping from the head of his cock. It would prepare the way for him, loosening Jory's muscles to allow him to take the man without hurting him.

What most people didn't realize when they offered a blood sacrifice to a demon was that the drops of pre-cum that a demon's body produced not only increased his arousal and that of the sacrifice, it made his taking of the sacrifice less painful. He was a demon, not a monster. He much referred his lovers to enjoy themselves, sacrifice or not.

"We're waiting, daemon. Get on with it."

Faster than lightning, Isaac reached over and grabbed the high priest around the throat. He lifted him several inches off the ground and pulled him closer until they were nose to nose. The high priest’s fear saturated the room, satisfying Isaac’s inner beast.

"Do not think to command me before our deal is done, mortal," Isaac snarled. "Until I accept your sacrifice, I can still refuse the covenant. Do not forget that."

Isaac knew the score. The high priest and all of his followers wanted to watch a demon fuck a sacrifice. Men like this got off on watching. Isaac pushed the high priest away, snickering loudly when the man coughed and rubbed his bruised throat.

To appease the high priest and give Jory's body time to accept his thick cock, Isaac reached down and started stroking his own cock. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the high priest lick his lips as he watched.

Sick bastard!

Isaac continued to stroke his hand up and down his engorged shaft. Every few moments, he pushed the head of his cock against Jory's tight entrance, feeling it loosen each time until he was finally able to push in past the first ring of muscles without hurting Jory.

When he pushed in, Jory cried out as if his body was on fire, his body arching into the air as much as his bonds would allow. Isaac growled, pushing in just a bit more. Jory's sweet warmth enveloped him, squeezed him. Isaac bit his lower lip to keep himself from moaning and showing everyone how much he enjoyed the feeling of fucking the sacrifice.

No matter how entranced he was seeing his long length sink into Jory's ass, Isaac was acutely aware of the audience watching them. He could hear their panting, their moans of ecstasy as the high priest and worshipers worked to bring themselves to completion. It was a distraction Isaac didn't need.

"Can you take me now, little one?"

Jory's eyes opened to look up at Isaac. The green of his eyes was so deep, so dark, there was almost no white left in them. It was haunting, the silent message in them searing Isaac down to his soul. No one had ever looked at him in that manner.

Isaac roared as his demon nature took over, stripping away all human control from him. He slammed into Jory, the pleasure he felt at his action so intense it almost blinded him. Jory was perfect.

All around him worshipers in black robes cried out as they climaxed, but Isaac only had eyes for the man moaning beneath him. He prayed the desire and ecstasy he saw on Jory's face told the truth of what he felt and were not part of the dark potion forced upon the man to make him more compliant.

Isaac wanted to believe in the small cries the man gave, in the way his skin flushed as he arched into the hands Isaac stroked along his heated skin. Even if Jory didn't, there was no way Isaac could stop now. He could feel his body readying itself for completion. His orgasm was moments away.

"It's is time, little one," Isaac whispered mentally as he leaned over Jory. He watched the man's green eyes carefully. "Are you ready? Will you give to me willingly? I can stop this now and refuse the bargain if that is your choice."

Isaac could refuse the bargain at any point before he ejaculated inside of the sacrifice and took his blood. It would be painful for him if he did, but it was an option, one Isaac would willingly choose if Jory told him no. He might be a demon, and considered evil by most, but he still had a heart.