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Protecting His Own

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Ulfr woke with a start when something moved against him. It took him a moment to realize it was Eitri wiggling in his sleep. He was unused to having anyone next to him while he slept. While he wasn't free with his affections, he had taken the occasional lover in the past. He just didn't sleep next to them.

It was a trust issue. There were very few people who Ulfr trusted, which was why having Eitri sleep next to him—not to mention how easily he had fallen asleep himself—was pretty much amazing.

Just not as amazing as the feel of Eitri's body pressed next to his.

Ulfr tilted his head down and buried his nose in Eitri's sweet smelling hair. A few deep inhales had his body going bowstring tight as arousal slammed into him. Ulfr was pretty sure he had been semi hard since rescuing Eitri. The knowledge that the beautiful dwarf was his, caused his body to ache with need.

Ulfr slid his hand under the furs and down along Eitri's side to the hem of his tunic. He glanced around at the others sleeping around the campfire. It wasn't quite dawn yet but the sky was beginning to lighten. Life would return soon.

He rolled to his side, making sure his larger body was between Eitri and everyone else and then slid his hand up under Eitri's tunic. His fingers spread out over warm silky skin. Ulfr wished they were alone so that he could lick that soft flesh. He'd make sure he didn't miss an inch of skin.

He reached up and gently pinched Eitri's nipple between his finger and thumb. He quickly turned and muffled his groan against his arm when Eitri inhaled sharply and arched into Ulfr's touch.

His mate was so damn responsive.

Ulfr untied the stays on his pants and then pushed the material out of the way before lifting Eitri up enough to push his pants down his thighs. Lifting Eitri's leg up just a bit, he fit his hard shaft between the man's thighs. The head of his cock butted up against Eitri's balls.

With the fingers of one hand alternating from one nipple to the other, pinching and tugging the little nubs, Ulfr began to gently rock against Eitri, pushing his cock between the man's thighs. He reached around with this other hand and wrapped his fingers around Eitri's cock, pumping the man's hard length slowly, in rhythm with his own gradual movements.

Ulfr knew the moment Eitri woke and realized what was going on. He quickly reached up and covered his mate's mouth, trapping the man's moan behind his hand. "Sshhh, bóndi," he whispered into the man's ear. "You do not want the others to hear us."

Eitri let out another moan as he shuddered, and then he nodded his head as if acknowledging Ulfr's words. Ulfr waited for a moment before moving his hand back down to Eitri's nipples. Pride infused Ulfr when he pinched Eitri's nipple again and the man's cock pulsed in his hand. The man's nipples were so sensitive, almost as if they had a direct link to his dick. Ulfr promised himself one day he would spend hours paying homage to those luscious twin nubs.

But right now, he needed his little mate to come. He needed something to ease his way and his bottle of oil was hidden away in his saddlebags. It would create too much noise if he was to go rifling around in them this early in the morning.

As he increased the rate of strokes on Eitri's cock, Ulfr leaned down and raked his teeth over the sensitive skin between Eitri's shoulder and neck. It seemed as though the harder he bit down, the more Eitri shook. When Ulfr's teeth pierced Eitri's skin, the man's entire body went stiff. He heard a muffled groan and then Eitri's cock jerked, warm seed covering Ulfr's hand.

His body beyond aroused, Ulfr quickly used the cum on his hand to slick up his fingers before stretching Eitri's snug ring of muscles to receive him. The fit was tight and he had to go slow, but by the time he was able to push into Eitri's tight ass, he thought his dick might shatter with need.

Ulfr kept his teeth buried in Eitri's throat as he humped his hips, driving his cock deep into the man's ass. Each thrust brought him closer to ecstasy. There was just one more thing he needed. Ulfr tightened his hand around Eitri's cock again, jerking the man off in swift, sure strokes.

When he went to cover Eitri's mouth again, afraid he would make noise, the feeling of the man's teeth sinking into the flesh of his palm threw him into an orgasm that ripped a deep grunt from him. His cock throbbed and thickened as he filled Eitri's sweet channel with more seed than he thought possible.

The feeling of warm wet heat covering his hand a second time, made the moment even more complete. Ulfr carefully withdrew his teeth and then licked his bite mark clean before kissing a trail over Eitri's heated skin.

"Thank you, bóndi."

There was a sweet, dreamy smile on Eitri's face as he glanced over his shoulder. "I think I should be thanking you. Not even those who dwell in Valhöll are blessed enough to start their day in this manner."

Ulfr was glad that Eitri was unafraid of this part of their mating. It boded well for their future, as he was a lusty warrior. "I doubt the gods themselves could keep me from waking you like this as often as you will allow."

"You are my mate," Eitri replied. "You don't even have to ask."

Ulfr stroked his knuckle over the angled curve of Eitri's high cheekbone. "I will always ask, Eitri. You are my mate, not my thrall."