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Protective Custody

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Jackson groaned and rolled over the second the door closed behind Hayden. This was such an extremely bad idea. He thought it was a bad idea when Max approached him about it but he had wanted to get out into the field and look good for the boss. Now, he was positive he should have turned the assignment down.

This was an incredibly fucking bad idea.

Jackson reached under his body and palmed his aching cock. His body seemed to know that he was trapped in Hayden’s arms even before he did. He had woken up surrounded by the man’s raw and powerful musculature —which only resulted in Jackson’s hard as steel erection..

Even knowing that Hayden was running from him hadn’t been enough to dampen the lust running rampant through his body. Nothing seemed to make his cock deflate, not even thinking about how bad of an idea this was.

Jackson groaned again and humped his hips, driving his cock through the firm grip of his fingers. He closed his eyes and imagined that it was Hayden holding him, that the man’s large strong hand was wrapped around his cock instead of his own hand.

The image began to build stronger and more vivid in his mind as he moved his hips faster and faster–Hayden’s fingers tightening around his erection, the man’s thumb rubbing across the slit at the top of Jackson’s swollen dick and then raked over the bundle of nerves just below the head.

He moved his hand faster and then squeezed his cock so tight that he thought he would break the damn thing. Jackson needed to come and he needed it now. He drew his knees up and moved his free hand down past his balls. He slid a single finger into his tight puckered hole, twisting his finger until he felt the tip slide against the little pleasure button inside his ass that made him gasp.

Jackson rocked on his finger as he rocked on his knees, his hips moving faster. He slipped in another finger inside his asshole, pushing the digits apart, stretching himself out as he imaged that it was Hayden’s dick splitting him apart. Wiggling his fingers around some more, Jackson started fucking himself.

Oh hell, that felt so damn good.

He shoved his fingers in and out of his ass, still imagining that it was the hard cock he had woken up to, pressing into his ass instead of his own fingers.

Never before in his life had he wanted someone to fuck him as badly as he wanted Hayden to shove his damn dick up Jackson’s ass. He wanted to man’s lips on his body, his teeth nipping his flesh, his body driving in Jackson’s.

Jackson’s hole clenched tight around his fingers at the fantasy building in his head, making him groan with need. He just bet Hayden would be a fantastic lover. The man was built to please whoever he fucked. Jackson was pretty sure Hayden could make him call to the gods. That thought send a spike of thrill through his body, making his cock impossibly harder.

His erection slid through his hand every time he thrust forward, wishing it was Hayden who was behind him instead of Jackson’s fingers. He could feel his balls drawing up tight against his body, his orgasm almost on him.

Almost there.

Jackson yanked his hand from his ass and then curled it into a fist, shoving the knuckles into his mouth to keep from crying out loud as his seed erupted into a sticky mess in his hand. He gave his cock a few last strokes as his body jerked with the last of his climax and then dropped his hand.

Flopping down onto the mattress, Jackson buried his flushed face in the pillows. His burning lust had been temporarily extinguished but somehow, he felt worse now than he had before he started jerking himself off.

He had no idea how long this assignment was going to last but he was pretty damn sure he wasn’t going to make it until this debauched mess was over. He had been attracted to Hayden Flynn from the moment he saw the man’s picture. Meeting him in person just made it all that much worse. Living in the same house was going to be damn near impossible.

Waking up in Hayden’s arms was going to kill Jackson.