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Ravcor's Prize

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Cory woke warm, cuddled against Rav's side, the man's larger than life arms wrapped tightly around him even in sleep. Every time Cory tried to budge, the arms tightened. Cory figured he was going to be there for awhile or at least until the man woke up.

He sighed happily, Rav’s musky masculine scent filling his senses. Cory turned his head and rubbed his nose against Rav’s heated skin and inhaled, wanting a deeper scent.

God, he loved the way the man smelled. No one on Earth or in space smelled as delicious as Rav. Cory felt like rubbing against the Phangar until he smelled of him all over. He settled for rubbing his cheek along Rav’s chest.

“What are you doing, pet?”

Cory froze. Rav’s voice was quiet, amused, but Cory was still embarrassed to be caught rubbing against the man. “Nothing.”


Cory yelped when he was rolled to his back, his arms pinned over his head. The lecherous grin on Rav’s face made him nervous, and anticipating what the handsome man would do next. His breath hitched in his throat when Rav leaned down and rubbed their cheeks together. How did he know?

“Rav,” he groaned as the man’s unique scent surrounded him before sinking into his skin. Cory hoped that it never left. He wanted to be branded by Rav’s smell. He wanted everyone to know he belonged to Rav.

“Do like my scent on you, pet?”

“Yes.” Cory had no problem admitting that, no matter how embarrassed it might make him. The man was rubbing against him, the gesture starting to move down his entire body until Rav was braced over the top of Cory, rubbing their bodies together.

There was no mistaking how much Rav enjoyed what he was doing. The steel pipe pressed against Cory’s abdomen was testament to the man’s enthusiasm.

Cory jumped when his cock and balls were suddenly grabbed by one very large hand. He groaned and pressed his head back into the pillow when his cock took interest in that hand and hardened right up. The few strokes Rav gave his erection only made him harder, and hornier.

Cory yelped when he was suddenly lifted into the air and draped over Rav's body. He landed with his hands and knees on either side of Rav's large body. All the air rushed from Cory's lungs as he glanced down between his body and Rav's and saw the man grinning up at him.

"Oh god!" A light ripple skated over Cory’s skin when Rav very carefully licked his fingers. He shivered when they moved out of his line of vision and then they grazed his sensitive entrance. His eyes closed and his lips parted when one finger slid inside of him.

The burn was intense but forgotten in an instant when Rav swallowed his cock right down to the root. Cory didn't know whether to push back onto Rav's fingers or go forward and drive his cock into the man's hot mouth.

His eyes rolled back when Rav pulled his finger out and replaced it with a very large cock. He was jerked back and impaled on Rav's cock in one fluid motion. His eyes crossed as he was filled almost beyond feeling good. He panted heavily and clutched at Rav's shoulders as he tried to bring life giving air back into his lungs.

He wanted to come, god he wanted to come, but Cory was determined to make this last as long as possible. He grabbed onto the small amount of control that was slipping away and held onto it with an iron fist.

Rav was buried so deep inside of him that Cory would swear they were one person, no beginning and no ending. His fingers curled into the sheets as Rav kicked his legs further apart with his knees. Skin slapped against skin, the passionate sound echoing through the room as Cory smashed his eyes together, fighting off his orgasm. It was extremely difficult when Rav’s cock slid over his sweet spot on every damn stroke.

“My pet,” Rav growled. “My mate.”

“Yesss,” Cory readily agreed as he rocked back to meet Rav’s forward thrust.

Rav's eyes darkened as he growled and rolled them to the edge of the bed. Cory laughed and grabbed onto the hulking man as he stood up, Cory still impaled on his cock. He leaned in, nuzzling his head under Rav's chin and licking a line across the man's throat.

“Mate.” Cory could hear the slight crack in Rav’s voice. Rav's hands gripped Cory's butt cheeks, holding him tight. Rav's eyes turned black as his eyes roamed over Cory, settling on the soft skin between his throat and shoulder.

Cory blinked then tilted his head back, giving Rav access.

Cory knew his control was gone when Rav roared and drove up into his ass. Something at the end of Rav’s cock thickened and attached to Cory’s prostate, sending waves of pleasure cascading over Cory.

At the same time, his teeth sank into Cory's throat. Cory didn’t even have to touch his cock. The act of being claimed by the powerful man had Cory crying out as his seed spurted out in one throbbing pulse after another.

Rav howled, yanking Cory back onto his shaft while manically snapping his hips forward, driving his cock deep within Cory over and over again. Waves of ecstasy crashed through Cory as Rav’s cock throbbing in his ass, the man stilling as he shot pulse after pulse of hot liquid into Cory.

Cory closed his eyes and dropped his head against Rav's chest as he tried to start breathing again. It might be impossible.