Adult Excerpt
Scales & A Tail

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 “My name is Beauregard Stratford. I’m not a prince, or anything remotely noble. I don’t even know who my father is. I’m not widely accepted in my colony because I have all-white fur and I was a single kit litter. I even have violet eyes, and no other bunny does. I’m an anomaly.”

Sebastian’s features had started softening as Beauregard spoke, but it was the only part on his body that did. In fact, the long hard part between Beauregard’s naked thighs just seemed to get harder with each passing moment. Beauregard trailed his hand down Sebastian’s chest, flicking one button open at a time until the man’s shirt lay open.

“However, I am still a rabbit. That being said, and considering we are now mated, you should know that rabbits are clichés. As the saying goes, we fuck like bunnies. Carrots are an aphrodisiac, and if you piss me off, I will leave pellets in your shoes.”

Beauregard shrieked when he was suddenly grabbed and swung around. Sebastian pressed him into the mattress and moved to kneel between his thighs. He hovered over the top of Beauregard, his arms resting on each side of Beauregard’s head.

“I am a dragon, little bunny, and I am not a cliché in any form of the word. I’m big and bad and mean. I can break you in two without breaking a sweat. Piss me off and I’ll singe every bit of fur from your body.”

“I can lick my own balls.”

Sebastian’s mouth dropped open. “You can what?”

“I’m a rabbit.” Beauregard smirked and wiggled his eyebrows. “We’re very flexible.”

One of Sebastian’s eyebrows shot up. “Just how flexible are we talking here?”

Beauregard pulled his legs up then grabbed his ankles, effortlessly lifting them up by his head and planting them into the mattress by his ears. It brought his ass up into the air in an embarrassing manner, but the sudden exhale of breath that shot from Sebastian was worth it.


Beauregard lowered his legs to the bed again, keeping his knees bent and pressed close to Sebastian’s sides. He liked the feeling of the large man between his legs. “I’ll bet I can lick your balls while you fuck me.”

Sebastian’s eyes closed, and he breathed deeply. The rigid clench of his jaw told Beauregard that Sebastian was holding on to his control by a mere thread. Beauregard hoped to break that control. Their mating would never be complete unless Sebastian fucked him.

And Beauregard had been waiting his entire life to be fucked by his mate. He didn’t plan on waiting much longer now that he had met the man. He just had to push Sebastian a little bit further.

“I’m pretty damn flexible, Sebastian. I’m also resilient. I doubt there is much you can do to me that I can’t take.”

“Beau-Beauregard.” Sebastian’s eyes were almost black when he opened them and stared down at Beauregard. He looked hungry, and not in the I want to eat you sort of way. “You don’t know what you’re saying, bunny, you really don’t.”

“Try me.”

Sebastian growled. That was the only warning Beauregard got before he was flipped over onto his hands and knees. His ass cheeks were pulled apart and a long, forked tongue stroked across his tight hole.

Beauregard cried out, the sound filling the room in its intensity. He felt like screaming as Sebastian licked his ass over and over again. Beauregard had never felt anything like it in his life. Hell, he’d never even imagined it, and he had a great imagination.

When Sebastian’s forked tongue began to harden and push into his ass, Beauregard did scream. The licking suddenly stopped and large hands flipped him over, Sebastian’s worried face staring down at him.

“Don’t stop!” Beauregard shrieked.

“Geez, bunny, I thought you were hurt.”

“No!” Beauregard quickly turned back over and stuck his ass into the air. “Again.”

“Are you demanding, little bunny?”


Sebastian chuckled. “That’s better.”

Beauregard groaned again when Sebastian’s forked tongue went back to licking his ass. Being mated to a dragon was definitely looking up. If Sebastian could make him into a pile of goo with just his tongue, Beauregard couldn’t wait to find out what he could do with his cock.

Beauregard almost protested when Sebastian stopped licking his ass, until he felt two thick fingers sink into his ass. Considering they were the first real, non-plastic object he had ever had in his ass, he was definitely in favor of real over a dildo. There was just something different about it, more erotic.

Beauregard couldn’t keep his loud moans to himself. He just opened his mouth, and they spilled out, growing louder each time Sebastian’s fingers sank into his ass. Yeah, he was loud. So fucking what? Sebastian seemed to like it. The louder Beauregard cried out, the more force Sebastian used. Beauregard was in heaven.

“I think my little bunny likes this.”