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Secret Desires

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He didn’t even realize the man had ridden up to him until he was right in front of him. The man reached up and pushed the brim of his hat back, clearing his face from the shadows of his hat.

Leyland inhaled as he narrowed his lens to his strong square face. Even through the lens he could see that the man was breathtaking. He had a strong rugged look to him, his jaw and cheekbones chiseled in stone. The hint of a five o’clock shadow on his face accentuated his full lips.

Leyland slowly lowered the camera, taking in his powerful body—wide shoulders, a hint of brown hair showing through the opening of his shirt, strong muscular thighs. Oh, yeah, this guy was hot with a capital HOT!

“Hello, handsome,” Leyland smirked, trying to give the guy his sexiest look. He totally ruined the effect when he took a small step towards the man and his feet slipped off the edge of the car roof. Leyland let out a small yelp as he started to go down. He could see the ground below coming up fast to meet him. He quickly closed his eyes, fearing the worst.

Then suddenly, he stopped cold. He could feel strong muscular arms wrap around him. Leyland opened his eyes and looked up into the sexiest deep copper eyes he had ever seen. He reached up with his hand to lightly touch the side of the man’s face by his eyes.

“I don’t think I have ever seen that particular shade of brown before. It’s beautiful,” he whispered. He suddenly realized what he was doing when the big man started chuckling. His face swiftly went from awe to embarrassment, his face burning.

He tried to sit up but the big man’s arms were still wrapped around him. He didn’t look like he had any intention of letting Leyland go any time soon, either. Feeling his face turn even redder, Leyland turned to look up at him.

“Um, could you let me go?”

The man chuckled, his voice deep and raspy as he spoke. “I don’t think I want to let you go just yet. You feel pretty good right where you are.”

Hot damn!!!

“Um, okay. But it’s going to be real hard to get my car fixed sitting in your arms.”

“I still don’t see the problem here,” he chuckled again, taking Leyland’s camera and setting it inside his car through the rolled down window.

“Listen, cowboy,” Leyland began, patting the nice man on his chest, and oh what a nice hard chest he had. Leyland knew he was going to start drooling any second now. “I…”


“What?” Leyland looked up at him, confused.

“My name is Jake, Jake McAlester. Of course, if you wanted to call me honey, or darling, I’d settle for that too. And while I do like the way you say cowboy, lover would be even better.”

Leyland eyes widened as Jake nearly growled the last part. This big strong sexy cowboy was making a pass at him? Hallelujah! Leyland wanted to wiggle around and jump for joy. He couldn’t be in more agreement. He wanted this man, and bad.

“And what if I like cowboy better?”

“Then cowboy it is.” Well, wasn’t he just the chipper one? “But I’m still hoping lover will be in there somewhere.”

Leyland stared at Jake, half in amusement, half in shock. “You certainly don’t beat around the bush, do you?”

Leyland’s whole body jiggled as Jake shrugged his shoulders. “No need to. I know what I want. When I see something I want, what’s the point in pretending I don’t? And I want you, baby.”


“Well, sex on a stick just seemed too long to pronounce, so, yeah, baby.”

The grin on his face was so huge that Leyland couldn’t help laughing. “Well, in truth, my name is Leyland, but I guess sex on a stick isn’t too bad either. I’m not so sure about baby, though.”

Jake lowered Leyland’s feet to the ground until he was standing next to him, the top of Leyland’s head level with where the man’s nipples would be. Okay, so, his cowboy was bigger than him, a lot bigger. It wasn’t like he hadn’t run into that before. He was only five foot seven. Most people were taller than him.

He raised his eyes slowly up Jake’s chest, past his throat, to his face. He had to tilt his head almost all of the way back on his to look up at the man. Okay, he could see the baby thing now. He would be considered a small mite compared to Jake.

“Okay, baby it is.”

“If you really don’t like baby, I’ll call you something else,” Jake assured him.

“No, baby will do just fine.” Leyland patted him on the chest, again stunned by how strong and hard he felt. His hand stayed on Jake’s chest, feeling the firmness of his tight muscles.

“Wow! You are just, just so,” Leyland whispered softly.

“Do you like it?”

Was it Leyland’s wild imagination or had Jake’s voice just gotten deeper, more husky? He peered up at him through his lashes. Oh hell, Jake’s eyes were half closed, his lips parted, his face flush.

If this is what he looked like just from Leyland touching his chest, Leyland knew he was in big trouble. Watching Jake’s reactions to his touch was driving him nuts. What would Jake look like if he really did something?

“Would you kiss me?”

“I’ll do anything you want me to, baby,” Jake replied as he slowly lowered his head and captured Leyland’s lips with his own. His lips licked at Leyland’s, silently asking for access. As Leyland opened his lips, Jake’s tongue moved in to explore, to lavish, stealing the very last breath from Leyland’s body until he sagged against Jake’s bigger one.

Leyland’s hands gripped at Jake’s shirt, trying to hold himself up, as he moaned deep into Jake’s mouth. He had heard about kisses like this, long toe-curling, make-your-eyes-roll-into-the-back-of-your-head kisses. He just never thought to experience one himself.

He barely registered that the whimper he heard when Jake went to lift his head came from him. He didn’t want the kiss to end, even if he could no longer breathe. Breathing was really overrated anyway. He needed this kiss more than he needed air, really!

When Jake finally lifted his head, Leyland tried to pull him back down. “No, don’t stop,” he begged in a whisper.

Jake chuckled as he leaned back down, not to capture Leyland’s puckered lips, but to lick the side of his neck. Leyland groaned, his eyes closing as his shaky legs finally gave out this time. If Jake hadn’t had his arms wrapped around him, he would have hit the ground.

“Ever ride a horse?” Jake whispered into Leyland’s ear before gently nipping the edges.

Leyland shook his head.

“Want to? I can guarantee you’ll enjoy it.”

Leyland opened his eyes to look at Jake’s grinning face, gulping before he slowly nodded his head. “Okay.”

He didn’t think it possible, but Jake’s gorgeous grin grew even bigger. He quickly picked Leyland up in his arms and set him on the back of his horse. Jake started to climb onto his horse when Leyland remembered his camera.

“Wait, my camera,” Leyland quickly said.

“Is it important to you?” Jake asked, looking back down into the car window at the camera.

“Yeah, I’m a photographer. Besides the fact it took me nearly two years to save up for the damn thing, it’s how I make my living.”

“If it’s important to you, then it’s important to me,” Jake replied as he leaned down into the window and pulled Leyland’s camera out. He was careful as he placed it in his saddlebag, cinching the bag closed.

Jake climbed into the saddle behind Leyland, their bodies pressed close together. He grabbed the reins with one hand, the other wrapping around Leyland’s waist, pulling him even closer up against his body.

Leyland could feel the press of Jake’s erection against his back. He wondered just how big he actually was, because he felt huge.

“Put your arms around my neck and keep them there,” Jake commanded as he started nibbling on Leyland’s neck.

Quick to obey, Leyland raised his arms and wrapped them around Jake’s neck. As tall as Jake was, Leyland’s hands barely met together. He thought he would pass out when Jake’s hand moved up under his shirt to his nipple ring, pulling on it gently.

“Oh, I like this, baby. Do you have more?” Jake growled into his ear.

“Other, other one,” Leyland cried out as Jake rolled the tight little nub between his fingers, tugging a little harder.

“The other one? Are both your nipples pierced, baby? That is so sexy,” Jake murmured as his hand moved across Leyland’s chest to the other nipple, tugging on the small silver ring there. “I can’t wait to have my tongue on these. Would you like that, baby, my tongue on your hot little nipples?”

“Oh hell, yes, please!” He knew he was begging but what the hell? This man had him so tied up in knots he didn’t know if he would ever figure out how to get them undone. He couldn’t remember being this turned on.

“If you like that, baby, you’re going to love this.”

Leyland’s eyes grew huge as Jake reached down and unzipped his pants and pushed them out of the way, freeing Leyland’s raging hard-on. He had never been so grateful he had gone commando as he was when Jake’s hand wrapped around him.

Jake stroked him a few times then chuckled. “Hold on, baby. It’s going to be a rough ride.”

Leyland had no idea what he meant until Jake urged his horse into a gentle canter, then a gallop. Each move of the horse had his hand moving up and down on Leyland’s cock. The faster the horse went, the faster Jake stroked him until Leyland started going out of his mind with desire.

Having lived his entire life in the city, Leyland had never been a horse person before, but he could become a huge fan really quickly. They certainly seemed to have their uses. Maybe he should buy a horse, or a ranch, a cowboy?

The stimulation Jake created in his body was too much. His lips and teeth were at Leyland’s neck, one hand pulling at his nipple ring, one hand wrapped around his aching cock.

“Come for me, baby,” Jake commanded on a deep growl.

If Leyland didn’t know better, he would think that his cock had been trained to obey Jake. The moment Jake’s words came out of his mouth, Leyland yelled out, erupting all over Jake’s hand, his body bucking wildly under his expert hands before collapsing against Jake.

“Do you have more pants in your car, baby?”

“Huh, what?” Leyland asked, still dazed.

“Are you particularly attached to these pants?” Jake asked.

“Not really, why?” Why did he want to know about his pants?

Leyland jerked at the soft tearing of his pants, the soft blow of air against his ass. “Uh, Jake?”

“Lean forward, baby,” Jake ordered as he gently pushed on Leyland’s back, pushing him down against the horse’s neck. Jake grabbed his legs and pulled them back to rest against the horse’s flanks.

Grabbing him by the waist Jack lifted him up just a bit. Leyland was a little disconcerted with his ass on display, but Jake was rubbing his hand lightly over each rounded globe like he loved the silky feel of his skin.

“Jake, what?” Leyland started to ask as he turned his head to look back at Jake. But before he could turn his head all the way he felt Jake’s big hand come down on his ass. “Hey!”

“You don’t like that, baby?”

“Well, I didn’t exactly say that.” God, he was so embarrassed. He had never told any of his lovers of his secret desire to be spanked and dominated sexually. It just always seemed too embarrassing.

“Good,” Jake replied, landing another swat on Leyland’s ass, softly rubbing the reddened flesh before smacking it again and again until Leyland started moaning. “Ah, baby, your ass looks so pretty, all nice and red for me.”

Leyland lay there, groaning at the unbelievable pleasure he was getting from Jake, a man he didn’t even know. That should bother him, he knew that. He just couldn’t seem to care as Jake’s finger moved down to rub against his puckered entrance.

“As pretty as your ass looks, my cock is going to look so much better buried in your tight little ass. You want that, baby? My big cock buried in your tight little ass?”

Fuck, Jake’s voice sounded so deep and husky Leyland thought he could come just from hearing him talk. He couldn’t believe he had come just minutes ago and already his cock was hard again.

“Jake,” he whispered, lifting his hips up, silently begging for more. He dimly heard the sound of a cap flipping open and something being squirted out before Jake’s lubed fingers came back at his eager hole.

He thought he would lose his mind when Jake pushed two fingers in from the start. There was a slight bite of pain, but the pleasure Jake gave him as his moved his fingers more than made up for it.