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Simply Perfect

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"Give me your hands, casara."

Shane was too mindless with pleasure to defy Merrick, even if he had wanted to. He didn't. He instantly held his hands out to Merrick, eagerly anticipating what the imposing general would do next.

Shane wasn't prepared to have his hands tied together. "What are you doing?"

"If I am going to take you, I am going to do it my way."

Well, Shane couldn't argue with that. And it wasn't like he could give Merrick directions. Besides the fact that Merrick was too intimidating to give orders to, Shane was a little out of his depths. His sexual history was almost nonexistent. A couple of blow jobs and rub offs did not make him worldly. He was really hoping to change that.

He was praying Merrick would change that.

Once his hands were tied together, Merrick pushed them over the top of Shane's head, pressing them down into the bed. He felt Merrick moving for a moment and then the man pulled back. Shane frowned when he yanked on his hands and found that they were tied over his head.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all. Seriously, what did he know about the general beyond the fact that he found the man incredible attractive? Being a general didn't automatically make Merrick a good guy, although Shane was having a really hard time picturing him as anything but.

"Don't start being afraid now, casara." Merrick chuckled. "You started this. If you want me to let you go, say the word and this all stops. You can go back to your room, safe and sound."

"No, no, I just…I want to be able to touch you." The air whooshed from Shane's chest when Merrick stretched out his entire body on top of him. They were pressed together from toe to tip and every inch in between. Okay, maybe he didn't mind having his hands tied over his head that much.

"You don't need to touch me in order to feel me, casara."

Merrick brought truth to his words when he licked a line from one of Shane's nipples to the other one. When the air caressed across the moist trail left behind, Shane knew for a fact that he wasn’t going to be sane by the time this was over. He mewled softly and arched, desperate, oh so desperate. Merrick's soft chuckle blew hot breath against Shane's already aching flesh, causing him to whimper more.

"Please, Vedic." Shane was so not above begging, not when Merrick was nibbling a line down his body toward his cock. When Merrick moved closer to his erection, Shane eagerly spread his legs as wide as they would go. He planted his feet in the mattress and pushed up, blindly seeking… something.

 Shane shivered when that something came in the form of coolness dribbling between his ass cheeks. He sucked in a deep breath. He hadn't been expecting that. "C-Cold."

"I'll warm it up for you."

Shane ached to see Merrick's face. His voice had gone deep and rough, almost growly. Every time Merrick's body brushed up against him, Shane could feel the general's muscles bunching and tensing. It was almost as erotic as having the man's hands on his body.


Shane was suddenly grabbed and flipped over onto his stomach, then lifted up until he knelt on his knees, his ass in the air and his head pressed down into the bed. He swallowed several times, feeling a little lost, and a whole lot unsure, especially when he couldn't see anything but darkness.

"V-Vedic?" A second later Shane was crying out as a long hot tongue licked up the crease of his ass. His legs trembled so much he was sure that they would collapse beneath him. "Oh my gods, sir, please!"

Merrick's loud growl filled the room. Shane frowned when he felt something sharp dig into his hips. He didn't remember Merrick's nails being that long. He jerked when one of them pierced his skin, and then groaned a moment later when Merrick licked at the small wound.

"You taste so fucking good, casara," Merrick murmured against Shane's skin. "I can't get enough of you. I want to lick every inch of your body."

"It's yours," Shane panted softly. "It's all yours."

Another deep growl filled the room. Shane shuddered and bucked when Merrick licked his ass again. He'd read things back on Earth, imagined them. But nothing had ever prepared him to have his ass licked. And good gods, Merrick's tongue just kept moving, licking and pushing at Shane's tight entrance.

After a few moments, Shane started to push back. He could feel Merrick's tongue starting to push into him between licks. It was like Merrick was possessed. Shane ached. His cock ached. It leaked. It throbbed. It pulsed with the need to come.

"Vedic… sir… please!"

When Merrick's fingers dug into his ass cheeks and pulled them apart, and he felt the man's thick tongue press fully into his ass, Shane couldn't contain himself any longer. He cried out as his body jerked. Unimaginable pleasure flooded every part of his body as he sprayed the bed beneath him with his release.


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