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Spank Me Once

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New Year's Resolution


Stormy Glenn

"Okay, I’m here." Jamie McDonald handed his jacket to his best friend, Brandon Thomas. "Now, where’s my Christmas present?"

Brandon laughed. "Patience, my dear friend. You just got here. Get a drink and mingle a little. It’s New Year’s Eve. You’ve already waited a week for your present; you can wait a little longer."

Jamie shook his head and laughed. "Honey, I have a lot of virtues, but patience is not one of them."

Brandon rolled his eyes. "Fine. I planned this party with you in mind. There are a lot of couples here but no less than six single men looking for a sweet thing like you. You can take your pick."

Jamie pursed his lips and turned to survey the room. "Single, you say? Maybe this will be a good year after all."

"I thought you might be particularly interested in Greg. He’s an accountant with Quine and Carlton, thirty-eight, and single for the last six months." Brandon stepped up to stand next to Jamie and pointed to a dark haired man standing by the bar.

"Oh, he’s nice. Does he play?" Jamie crooned as he gazed at the tall man. He looked nice. The black jeans hugged his legs like second skin, as did the tight white button-down shirt on his chest. Jamie envisioned unbuttoning each button. . . with his teeth. Yum!

"Not like you do but you could always convert him." Brandon laughed. "Of course, if he doesn’t suit you, there’s always Thomas."

"Thomas?" Jamie asked curiously and dragged his eyes away from Greg to look at the other man Brandon fingered.

Thomas seemed starchier than Greg did. Dressed in a nice pair of brown slacks and a cream dress shirt, he was clean-shaven with neatly combed back blond hair. Jamie wondered if a hair on the man’s head was ever out of place. He seemed almost too perfect.

"Uh, not so much. Somehow I don’t think he’d let me eat crackers in bed, Bran. Let’s move on," Jamie said, dismissing Thomas as a possibility. He was too straight laced, and Jamie liked to get a little kinky every once in awhile. Thomas didn’t look like he’d go for that.

"Okay, there’s always William." Brandon pointed to a third man standing next to the front window talking with others. .

Jamie turned to look at William and a flash of white caught his eye. He followed the cotton shirt and discovered a pair of dark copper eyes staring at him. Jamie inhaled softly and a shudder of desire shot through him from the intense look in the man’s eyes.

Ooohhh. . . now this one would know how to play. Jamie knew it by the glint in the man’s eyes and the thickness of his hands. He had no doubt this one could give him what he wanted, what he needed.

"I want that one," Jamie said to Brandon without taking his eyes off the man.