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Special K

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While a big, bad biker might not know what Sak's Fifth Avenue was, it was obvious from Dom's gorgeous, muscular physique that the man prided himself on looking good, and damn, did he look good. Keeland felt his cock harden just thinking about how good Dom looked.

Keeland laughed to himself. "I'd do him."

In a freaking heartbeat.

Knowing there was no hope for it, Keeland climbed out of his truck and headed on into his house. Except for needing him to treat Henrietta, Keeland doubted Dom would remember who he was by morning.

Keeland let himself into his house and then shut the door behind him. His shoulders slumped as a trickle of despair started weaving its way through him. He flipped on the light, hoping it would make home feel a bit more welcoming.

It didn't.

His house was okay. It was a rental, but he hoped to change that at some point. He was saving up to buy himself a place outside of town, something with a few acres so he could build his vet clinic on his own land.

He also wanted to get a few pets instead of always treating them. he had no one to come home to. Not even a gold fish. It didn't seem fair to have a pet when he put in so many hours at work. Maybe, if he had someone in his life, that would change, but he'd have to have someone first.

Keeland hung up his jacket then wandered into private bath off his bedroom. It had been one of the main reason he had rented this place. Well, that and the fact that the rent was cheap. He liked having a private bath just for himself, one he didn't have to share with guests. Assuming he had guests.

He stripped off his clothes and dropped them in the hamper specifically for his work stuff. He preferred not mixing his work clothes and his regular clothes because he got all sorts of nasty stuff on his work clothes.

Keeland groaned as he stepped under the shower spray. He liked his showers lobster hot. When he had his own place, he promised himself he'd get one of those rainfall shower heads and he'd just stand under it until the hot water heater ran cold.

He soaped up a clean washcloth and began scrubbing all of the work grime off his body, but by the time he reached his dick, it was still hard and thoughts of work had been replaced by fantasies of his big, bad biker.

He squeezed a little more soap into his hand before wrapping his fingers around his cock. He gave himself several long strokes before reaching down with the other hand to tug on his balls. The small bite of pain combined with the ache of lust flushing every inch of his body had Keeland stroking his cock again, faster, hard, longer.

He was so close, but it wasn't enough. No matter how fast he jerked off or how long the strokes, he couldn't get off. Keeland groaned in frustration before leaning out of the shower and reaching into the wooden box on the shelf over the toilet.

It wasn't often he indulged in his favorite play toy, but every once in awhile, he just needed to feel something in his ass besides his fingers. He would have preferred it to be Dom, but that wasn't likely to happen.

He could fantasies.

With quick efficient movements, Keeland fixed the plastic suction mat to the floor of the shower. Next, he screwed on the thin rubber dildo. Once everything was in place and ready to go, Keeland grabbed the lube he kept in the box along with his shower toys. He squirted some out on his fingers then reached around behind him and slid two into his ass.

The burn was there, but so was the pleasure. This was why he had always be attracted to big biker types. He might be staid in his everyday life, but when it came to bedroom play, he wanted to be used, dominated. He wanted a little pain with his pleasure. He wanted to walk funny the next day with a big grin on his face because his ass ached from being pounded into the mattress.

When he was sufficiently stretched, Keeland knelt down on the tile floor. It took careful movements, ones he had perfected over time, but he crouched over the tip of the dildo and slowly lowered himself down.

As soon as the head of the dildo breached his ass, Keeland started stroking his cock. By the time his ass cheeks rested on the heels of his feet, his cock was rock hard. Pumping his hand hard and fast, Keeland started moving his hips up and down, fucking himself on the rubber silicone penis. It wasn't the same as a real man, but oh god, did it feel good.

Keeland stroked his dick harder, making sure he stroked his thumb over the small slit in the tip. His breathing came faster as the pleasure built, drawing him closer to nirvana. Just when he didn't think he could stand it anymore, he felt a tingling at the base of his spine. His balls drew up. His body stiffened.

"Dom!" Keeland screamed as his head fell back, his entire body going stiff as ropes of cum shot from his cock, splattering all over the tile floor before washing down the drain.

Keeland slumped forward, resting on his hands. He drew in several deep breaths before lifting himself off his pleasure toy. He was fucking warn out, and not just from the orgasm he'd had. He was tired of having to use a shower toy to get off. He wanted a real man.

Hell, who was he kidding? He wanted Dom.

Keeland cleaned his toy then set it on the counter. He finished showering before climbing out to dry himself off. Once he was dry, he cleaned the toy and placed it back in the box for the next time he became desperate.

Maybe he should name the damn thing "Dom".

Keeland flipped off the bathroom light then froze when something moved past the window. He swallowed tightly before stepping closer and pulling back the edge of the curtain. It was dark out so he couldn't see much, but there didn't seem to be anything outside, although he could have sworn he'd seen something.

Probably his imagination.

Keeland chuckled to himself as he walked into the bedroom and climbed into bed. He closed his eyes and let his mind drift. He had joked that Dom was going to be his stalker. Wouldn't that have been cool? Although, he wasn't sure he would have wanted Dom to watch him get off in the shower. That would have been really humiliating. Or not, if Dom got off on that sort of thing.

He could dream anyway.