Story Excerpt

flame div

Kyrinen stared up at the bright lights shining in the night sky. They glistened like translucent crystals, each one brighter than the other. He was spellbound by the night lights. All his life, Kyrinen’s mother had told him endless stories about the stars, each one more fascinating than the last one.

Kyrinen couldn’t remember a time when the stars hadn’t held a special place in his heart. When he was scared or upset he would come outside and look into the night sky at the stars, knowing that he could find solace in them. And he did.

Wherever he was he could always look into the night sky and see his stars. They were always there, as if they were waiting just for Kyrinen to look up and see them. And he did, as often as he possibly could.

Tonight, as Kyrinen gazed deep into the stars, he had a special reason for looking at them. He had a special wish to make—a very special request. Fixing his gaze on the brightest star he could find Kyrinen began to make his wish…

“Star bright, star light, grant this wish I make tonight. Make me a man who’s strong with might. Make him tall with great big shoulders, with a belly of a laugh, and arms as big as boulders. Give him courage, honor, and a heart full of love. Make him wise and really smart; give him all of this, every little part. Make him mine, sent from the stars up above. I wish I may, I wish I might, please, be granted this wish I make tonight.”

Kyrinen squeezed his eyes really tight, sending every bit of feeling he could into his wish. Finally, he opened his eyes and looked up at the stars again. Kyrinen's mouth fell open in amazement when he saw a star falling from the sky. His wish had been granted, he just knew it had.

Jumping to his feet, Kyrinen ran towards his little yellow one story house. Stopping at the porch he looked back one last time. “Thank you for granting my wish.” The stars seemed to twinkle as he heard a soft voice in his head.

“No problem.”

Five year old Kyrinen’s smile was enormous when he heard the voice. Now he was positive his wish had been granted. He wasn’t alone anymore. He had a friend in the stars.

“When are you going to be here?” he asked as he bounced from foot to foot, excited that his wish had actually come true.

“I will always be here for you.”

Kyrinen shook his head, his dark auburn hair hitting against his shoulders. “No, that’s not what I meant. When can I see you?”

Kyrinen heard a light chuckle then the voice spoke again.

“When you need me.”  

Kyrinen was a little confused but he figured that the man in the stars knew more about these wish things than he did. “Okay, but don’t take too long.” Waving to the stars, he turned to go inside. “I have to go in now. It’s almost my bedtime. Goodnight.”

Kyrinen could almost feel the smile the starman gave him.

Again the voice in his head spoke. "Goodnight, little Kyrinen.”

Opening the screen door, Kyrinen ran inside yelling for his mother. “Mama, Mama! I did it, I did it.” Running into the kitchen he found his mother washing the dinner dishes. “Mama, I did it!”

The small blond haired woman turned with a smile to look her at excited son. “What did you do, pumpkin?”

Kyrinen jumped into his mother's waiting arms, his excitement almost more than he could stand. He couldn't wait for his mother to sit down and cradle him in her lap as she always did when he had something to say.

“What did you do, honey?”

Kyrinen’s smile could have lit up the room. “I wished on a star and my wish came true.”

Helen smiled down at him as she stroked a hand down the back of Kyrinen's head. “Oh? And what did you wish for?”

Kyrinen sat up very strait, very proud of himself. He knew his mother would be very proud of his wish too. “I wished for a man and I got one.”

Helen’s eyes darted around the room in fright. “What man?” Standing up quickly, she stood Kyrinen on the floor beside her. “Where is this man, Kyrinen? Is he outside?” she asked, her voice becoming frantic. She let go of Kyrinen and started for the front room.

“No, Mama. He’s not here yet.”