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Sunshine's Kiss

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"Jesse." Sam's hand raised up as if he wanted to touch Jesse then fluttered back to his chest. "I…what"—Sam licked his lips, instantly drawing Jesse's gaze—"what's going on?"

Jesse reached up and rubbed his thumb over Sam's plump lips. Damn, they were the softest thing he had ever felt. Jesse still remembered the one brief kiss he'd received five years ago. He didn't think he'd ever forget.

"You figure it out," Jesse murmured right before he lowered his head and took his second kiss from the man meant to be his. The moment their lips met, Jesse groaned. Sam tasted just as good as he remembered, maybe even better.

Jesse licked along the seam of Sam's mouth until the man's lips parted slightly then he dived in, pushing past Sam's lips to explore inside. The tremble that shook Sam's body was like a heady stream of lust shooting right into Jesse's veins.

After Sam had left so abruptly, Jesse had questioned the man's eager response to their first kiss. He wondered if he had imagined the desire he had seen burning in Sam's eyes all those years ago.

Now he knew he hadn't.

Sam wanted him just as much as he wanted Sam. Jesse needed to know why Sam had left. His heart ached for that knowledge. But he wasn't going to ask a single question until he claimed Sam and made the man his.

He knew it was underhanded to claim Sam without his express permission but he wasn't taking any chances. Sam could protest all he wanted once they were bound together, once there was no way for Sam to ever leave him again.

While his lips plundered Sam's mouth, Jesse reached down between their bodies and went to work on the opening of the man's pants. He needed Sam naked more than he needed to breathe. It was imperative. Breathing wasn't.

Regretfully, Jesse leaned back and knelt between Sam's thighs. He really liked kissing Sam but getting the man naked was more important. He grabbed the hem of Sam's shirt and started to work it up his stomach and chest. When he reached Sam's shoulders, he paused and just stared down at Sam. This would be the make or break moment for them.

Sam stared up at Jesse for so long that Jesse felt a growl building in his chest. Despite the overwhelming need that he felt to claim Sam, he knew he wouldn't force him. He wouldn't hurt a hair on Sam's head.

When Sam leaned up and allowed Jesse to pull the shirt over his head, Jesse's legs almost shook in his relief. He tossed the shirt aside then reached for Sam's pants. A long shudder shook Sam's body when Jesse's hand brushed against the hard tent in the man's pants.

Jesse clenched his teeth, trying to keep control of his desire for the smaller man. He hadn't wanted anyone but Sam in so many years that he had almost forgot what it felt like to actually touch someone intimately.

Jesse scooted down to the bottom of the bed and grabbed the edge of Sam's pants. His eyes ate up each inch of naked flesh revealed as he slowly pulled the pants down Sam's legs. Damn, Sam had just gotten better looking.

How was that even possible?

Sam had been a beautiful child. As an adult, he was breathtaking. Jesse had never met anyone that drew him more than Sam. The thought that he would be able to keep Sam to himself for the rest of his life almost made Jesse come where he stood at the bottom of the bed.

Jesse dropped Sam's pants to the floor then shoved his own jeans down his legs. He climbed back up on the bed and scooted up to hover over Sam once again, groaning when their naked skin pressed together for the very first time.

He dropped his head down to rest against the soft curve of Sam's neck and just drew in the heady sensation. Sam's skin was silky smooth. It was meant to be touched, caressed, and licked. Jesse had every intention of doing all of that and more.

And he needed to do it soon before he embarrassed himself and came before brining Sam any pleasure. He was holding on to his control by a thread. Just touching Sam after all of these years was a wonder.

Jesse leaned over Sam and reached into his nightstand for the small bottle of lube. He dropped it on the bed beside Sam. His hand trembled slightly as he reached for Sam, trailing his hand from the top of his collarbone down his chest to his abdomen.

So silky smooth.

Jesse just had to taste. He needed to see if Sam's skin tasted just as sweet as it felt. He leaned down and licked a path from Sam's collarbone to his shoulder.


It did.

He couldn't stop. One lick turned into another and then another until Sam's entire chest had been lavished and Sam was trembling beneath Jesse, which was just the way Jesse wanted him. Sam needed to lose his mind. That was Jesse's goal. He wanted their first time to be so mind blowing for Sam that he never thought of leaving again.

As he slowly worked his way down Sam's body, Jesse reached for the bottle of lube and squirted some out on his fingers. Despite his overwhelming need to claim Sam, he wouldn't do so until the man was completely ready for him.

When his fingers trailed down between Sam's ass cheeks, Sam groaned and spread his legs, giving Jesse more access, better access. Jesse was elated, and so aroused that spots danced in front of his eyes.

Stretching Sam's tight entrance out took very little effort as if Sam's body seemed to know who Jesse was and welcomed him in. The fact that Sam seemed to need each thrust of Jesse's slick fingers in his ass was just a bonus.

Jesse was almost loath to pull his fingers from Sam's ass knowing how much pleasure he was giving the man. Almost. But the knowledge that he could give Sam even more pleasure when he claimed him gave Jesse the control to withdraw his fingers and replace them with his aching cock.

He hooked his arms under Sam's legs and yanked the man's lower body up into the air. He watched between their bodies as his cock penetrated Sam's ass, pushing past the first ring of muscles and then he looked up into the most beautifully astonished amber eyes he had ever gazed into.

Sam's eyes widened the more that Jesse slid into him. Jesse didn't see pain in them, or he would have stopped. But the pleasure blossoming across Sam's flushed face was stripping his control away faster than Jesse could hang on to it.

Jesse raised his face to the ceiling once his cock was fully seated inside of Sam and let out the loud groan that had been trapped in his chest. Sam was finally his. Granted, there was just a bit more to claiming the man but in this at least, Jesse had accomplished something he had been seeking for more years than he cared to count.