Adult Excerpt
Taming A Beta's Heart

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Koibito means lover, partner. It means mate.” Kumiko fisted his hands in Trevor’s midnight black curls, pulling the taller man’s head back until he could see Trevor’s throat moved as he swallowed. “It means you belong to me now.”

Kumiko let his fangs drop down and then sank them into Trevor’s throat. Hot, tangy blood flooded his mouth. Trevor’s loud cry echoed in his ears. When Trevor’s body bucked against him, Kumio reached down and pressed his hand over the nice bulge in his pants, squeezing until Trevor shuddered and slumped. A moment later, a growing wet spot appeared on the front of Trevor’s jeans.

Kumiko swallowed down the blood he needed to take to insure that the mating process between them had started then withdrew his fangs, licking the bite mark closed. He wanted Trevor marked for all to see. He just didn’t want him hurt.

He dropped to his knees and yanked Trevor’s pants to his ankles. The sight of the man’s cum covered cock almost made Kumiko come himself. It was a beautiful sight. Trevor’s cock was just large enough that Kumiko knew he was going to thoroughly enjoy feeling it pound into his ass when the time came.

Now was not that time.

Now, he needed to claim his mate and insure that the mating process continued. He was going to bond Trevor to him until there was no question that they belonged together. Trevor was the one thing in this world that belonged to him and Kumiko would die fighting before he gave the gorgeous little man up.

Kumiko leaned forward and licked a few drops of cum off of Trevor’s spent cock. He smiled when he felt the man’s fading erection jerk against his tongue and start to come back to life.

The little catch in Trevor’s breathing told him that his mate enjoyed having someone suck on his cock. Kumiko hoped the man felt the same when he felt Kumiko’s cock in his ass because that’s where it was going to be in the next ten minutes.

Kumiko pushed Trevor’s shoes off then slid his pants the rest of the way down his legs and off his feet, tossing them behind him. He scooped up some of the cum off of Trevor’s groin, sliding his fingers back behind the man’s wet balls.

Kumiko’s finger slid into Trevor’s ass just as he let the man’s cock slid into his mouth. The dual sensations were either really good or really unexpected. Trevor keened and went up on his tiptoes. His fingers curled in Kumiko’s hair.

“Please,” Trevor squeaked even as his hips thrust forward, driving his cock further into Kumiko’s mouth. “I can’t. It’s not…Oh god, this…You…Oh! Oh!”

Trevor’s hips started moving more and more, thrusting, withdrawing, thrusting some more. Trevor didn’t seem to know whether to push forward or push back.

The muscles that clamped down on Kumiko’s fingers when he added another one almost broke his concentration. He could just imagine them clamping down on his cock as he pounded into Trevor.

Kumiko scooped up more of the cum and slid three fingers past the ring of muscles at Trevor’s tight opening. By the time he could easily push them in and out, his cock was so hard and so engorged, he wondered if he should use another finger.

“Oh please,” Trevor cried out. “I need…I need…”

Kumiko knew what Trevor needed. He pulled his fingers free and after pulling his shirt off, used it to wipe his fingers. He stood and stepped back, watching his mate watch him as he stripped his remaining clothes off.

Hunger and confusion were at odds in Trevor’s coffee-brown eyes as if the man wasn’t sure exactly what to feel or even if he should feel anything. Kumiko could take care of that. His dominant personality was the perfect foil for Trevor’s more docile manner. He knew just what to do.

Kumiko dropped his clothes on the floor. Trevor backed up as Kumiko stalked him across the floor. When the bed hit the back of his legs, Trevor sat down heavily. Kumiko grinned and followed him down, crawling up Trevor’s body until the man fell back onto the mattress.

His grabbed Trevor’s jaw with his hand and turned his face up to his, capturing his lips in a long powerful kiss, licking and nibbling until Trevor opened his mouth. Kumiko pushed his tongue into Trevor’s mouth, conquering. Claiming. His tongue explored every inch of Trevor’s mouth, aroused by the sweet taste of him.

He lifted his head and watched Trevor’s coffee-brown eyes as he pushed Trevor’s legs up and apart, barring his tight puckered hole. “So perfect,” he whispered as he brushed his fingers over the quivering entrance, gently pressing them in to make sure Trevor was ready for him. Kumiko’s eyes nearly crossed when his fingers slid right in. “Damn, baby.”