Story Excerpt
Taming A Beta's Heart

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Kumiko Hara walked out of the dining room and joined up with Otto Marshall when he was called for. He didn’t say a word as he followed his alpha down the stairs to the lower level.

He knew just from the direction the large man was walking that they were headed to the basement to interrogate the prisoner they had in the basement, the man that had attacked Otto’s mate.

When they reached the door that led into the detention cells, Otto paused and gripped the edge of the doorframe. “You know what he did,” Otto said to Kumiko. “You know what we need to know.”

Kumiko nodded. He knew. He could see how difficult this was for Otto, a man he respected above all others. Otto had believed in him when no one else saw anything but a short Asian man with a bad temper.

“I think it’s better if I stay out here and you go in and question Trevor.” Otto clenched his jaw. “I might kill him.”

Kumiko nodded again. “I’ll take care of it.” Kumiko would follow Otto anywhere, do anything for him.

Otto smiled weakly as he leaned up against the wall. There was a sense of relief about the alpha as his shoulders relaxed, some of the tension draining away from his powerful form. “I’ll just wait right here.”

Kumiko smiled back, but his was much more evil and malicious. “I won’t be long.”

He didn’t know what to expect as he stepped inside the detention cell. It certainly wasn’t the frightened fragile looking man huddled in the corner. The man was shaking so hard he looked like he was in danger of completely shaking apart all together.

He dismissed his feelings of sympathy. This man had attacked his alpha’s mate. He deserved whatever punishment he had coming, even if he did look like a stiff wind would blow him away.

Kumiko squared his shoulders, refusing to allow the small shudder that rocked through the skinny man affect him. “My name is Kumiko Hara.” His voice hardened ruthlessly. “Do you—”

Kumiko froze.

There was a scent floating on the air that curled around him and sank into his soul. With one whiff, Kumiko’s cock grew so hard it throbbed in pure agony. For a brief moment, his mind blanked, the only thought in his head was finding that alluring scent and fucking it until he passed out.

Kumiko shook his head, trying to clear his mind. He was here to interrogate a prisoner, not lust after…what exactly was it that he was lusting after? Kumiko lifted his nose into the air and sniffed again. His cock jerked, leaking, needing.

His gaze snapped to the little man in the corner. Trevor sat curled up on the cot, his knees drawn up to his chest. His unruly black hair hung down over his face, obscuring his eyes but Kumiko could still feel the man watching him. His skin prickled as if he was being assessed. For what, Kumiko didn’t know.

He stepped closer, his head tilting inquisitively when the man whimpered and pulled his legs closer to his chest, his head dipping down as if he was trying to make himself a smaller target. It dawned on Kumiko almost like a sledgehammer upside his head that Trevor was terrified of him. But not just him, everyone and anyone.

Trevor was just simply terrified.

And considering the sweet smell wrapping around Kumiko’s senses and sinking into his very soul, that wasn’t a good thing. Kumiko was pretty damn sure he had just found his mate.

Kumiko sighed at the tenseness bunching between his shoulder blades. He rubbed the muscles at the back of his neck then walked over and grabbed the only chair in the room. He flipped it around so that he could straddle it and settle his arms over the back of it, resting his chin on his folded arms.

“Trevor, look at me.” His voice was stern, mostly because he wasn’t sure how to make it not be stern. That was just who he was. He didn’t even talk to his brothers in a more soothing voice. “Now, Trevor.”

Trevor’s head lifted and coffee-brown eyes peered at him through pitch black curls. Kumiko winced at the fear and apprehension so apparent in Trevor’s eyes. No one should ever be that scared, not even someone being interrogated. It was almost as if the man was begging for death with his eyes.

“Do you know who I am?” It was a silly question since he had already introduced himself.

Trevor’s long bangs flopped over his forehead when he nodded. Kumiko swore one of the first things he was going to do was get Trevor a haircut…but not too short. He still wanted to have enough hair to grab onto as he fucked those lush lips. Trevor looked like he had gotten stung by an entire hive of bumble bees. He had the poutiest lips Kumiko had ever seen. They begged to be wrapped a cock.

Kumiko growled as he thought about those luscious lips being wrapped around any cock except his. Trevor let out a small whimper that sounded like a wounded animal and leapt off the cot, scurrying to the other side of the room. He dropped down into a crouch and covered his head with his arms.

Kumiko knew he had hit the nail on the head with his thought. Trevor was a wounded animal. Something traumatic had happened to this sad little man and it had turned him into a skittish creature that Kumiko knew needed a gentle hand.

With that thought in mind, and because Trevor was his mate and his mate was the only person on earth that he would change for, Kumiko lowered his voice when he spoke to Trevor next, using the most soothing, yet stern, voice he had.

“Trevor, come back over and sit down on the bed. The floor is too cold for you. You don’t even have any shoes on.” Kumiko stood, swinging his leg over the chair before walking over to stand just inches from Trevor. He held out his hand. “Come, koibito.”

“Trevor,” the man whispered as he tilted his head back and looked up at Kumiko. “My name is Trevor.”

“I know.”

Trevor’s slender hands unconsciously twisted together before reaching out and taking Kumiko’s hand. The moment their skin touched, Kumiko knew that Trevor was his. Hs skin tingled, sending his heart racing.

He heard Trevor inhale sharply as he swung the slim man into his arms, pushing him up against the wall, pinning him there. Kumiko moved in close, breathing in deeply as he brushed his nose along the underside of Trevor’s jaw.

“You smell good, koibito.” He gave Trevor’s body a raking gaze. “You smell like mine.”