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Tank's Tweak

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Zackary sighed as he laid his head on Tank’s broad chest, wondering if he could explain this correctly without his mate getting angry with him. Zackary didn’t want Tank angry with him.

“Just tell me what we need to do, tweak,” Tank’s deep voice rumbled through his chest as he spoke. “Whatever it is, we’ll do it.”

Zackary leaned back, staring up at his mate with surprise. “Really?”

Tank nodded as he leaned forward and kissed Zackary on the tip of his nose. “Really.”

“Well, the custom says we can’t claim each other until we perform the rituals of my people, so no intercourse." Zachary licked his lips as his eyes dropped to Tank's mouth. "It doesn’t say anything about not doing other things.”

Tank growled as he swiped his tongue across Zackary’s lower lip. “What do you have in mind, tweak?”

“Blowjobs and hand jobs are acceptable, I think.” He sure hoped they were because he was going to melt into the floor if they weren’t.

“And you waited so long to tell me this because?” Tank asked as he nibbled his way around Zackary’s neck, teasing his earlobe with his hot lips.

“I’m not s-sure. But remind me to kick my ass later for making us both wait,” Zackary moaned as Tank’s lips continued to make his brain malfunction.

Zackary gasped when Tank fiddled between them, his large hand unfastening Zackary’s pants and freeing Zackary’s cock. Tank picked him up and spun him around, showing Zackary the galaxy as his hand began to stroke Zackary's cock.

“Should we be doing this right here?”

“We could go someplace else,” Tank said as he nipped at Zackary’s ear. “But I think the view is worth staying right where we are.”

Zackary’s head fell back as Tank’s thumb caressed over the head of his cock, smearing the river of pre-cum that was leaking out. “Right here is good.”

Tank’s hand was so large that it wrapped around Zackary's cock and still had plenty of room.

Zackary groaned as Tank quickened his pace. Zackary's back arch as his mate took him to a higher level, making Zackary want to beg to be fucked. He knew fooling around was dangerous, especially since they couldn’t have sex, but Zackary was too far gone to stop his mate and his masterful hand.

Zackary's fingers curled into the helm as he cried out, ribbons of seed erupting from his cock. He slumped back, feeling sated and sleepy. Gods he needed that.

He took a quick peek around Tank to make sure no one else had come onto the bridge before twisting around and falling to his knees, wedged in the apex of Tank’s legs. Zackary reached out to pull Tank’s pants free when two large hands circled his wrists, effectively stopping him.

“You don’t have to,” Tank said.

Zackary could see the control Tank was using and knew there was no way he was going to leave him hanging. “I want to.”

Tank studied him for a moment before releasing his wrists, giving Zackary a slight nod. Zackary wasn’t so sure about his commitment once he freed Tank’s cock. The sucker was huge. Zackary tried to wrap his hand around it but his fingers wouldn’t even meet. He glanced up at his mate before leaning forward and licking the pre-cum from the mushroomed shaped head.

“Tastes better than ice cream,” he teased before wrapping his lips around the head.

“Oh hell,” Tank gasped as Zackary took as much as he could into his mouth. If it brought Tank that much pleasure, Zachary knew sucking cock was a feat he was going to master.

He sucked vigorously as he reached a hand underneath and pulled at Tank’s balls. His mate moaned and his hips hitched as Zackary sucked Tank’s cock to the back of this throat. He gagged and pulled back, taking a deep breath before trying again. He wasn’t a pro by any means and Tank tipped the scale on the ginormous side of things.

“I’m about to come,” Tank warned as Zackary sealed his lips around his mate’s cock once again. He breathed through his nose as he tried his best to swallow every drop that splattered across his tongue. Zackary stole a peek at Tank as he drank down his mate’s seed.

“Fuck,” Tank exhaled, his breath becoming ragged as he slumped back in his chair. Zackary licked Tank’s cock clean before pulling back.

“Tastes better than fruitcake.” He laughed.

Zackary ducked down when he heard the bridge door swoosh open. Shit. If only whoever it was had waited two more minutes. He glanced around Tank to see Remy staring right at him.

“I… uh…” Remy stammered then quickly backed away and scrambled off the bridge.

Zackary began to laugh as he tucked his mate’s softening cock back into his pants.

“Great, now I’m just a guy who gives blowjobs on the bridge.”