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The Cat's Meow

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"Please," Noah begged, which just added to the delight Gage took in the man's body. Not only did he like small delicate men, he liked small delicate submissive men. This time it was Gage who shuddered.

"I don't suppose you have any lube, do you?" Gage asked as he tilted his head back to look down into Noah's face.


"Lube, slick, something to make things easier on you when I fuck you?"

When Noah just stared up at him, looking confused and dazed, Gage decided to take things into his own hands, so to speak. He looked around the shower until his eyes settled on a bottle of body wash. He popped the lid and poured some on his fingers before putting the bottle back on the little shelf.

Reaching down behind Noah, Gage pushed his lubed fingers back between the man's ass cheeks. A soft gasp fell from Noah's lips when Gage pressed his finger against the man's tight hole. Gage grinned and stroked the small bit of puckered flesh for several moments before he felt it loosen up enough to push one finger inside.

Damn, he liked them like this. Noah was tight, eager, and begging to be filled. And Gage was just the man to do it. He thrust his finger into Noah's ass then slowly pulled it out before thrusting it in again.

Noah fairly came apart in his arms when he added a second finger. The man's body trembled. Small moans fell from his lips. His skin was flushed with desire. Well, at least Gage hoped it was desire. If the hard cock leaking against his leg was anything to go by, Noah was in heaven.

"Do you like that, baby?"

Noah nodded vigorously.

"Do you want another one?" Gage asked as he thrust his two fingers in and out of Noah's ass. The man had a tight grip on Gage's fingers, almost as if he didn't want to let them go. Gage had a harder time pulling them out than he did pushing them in.

When Gage pressed a third finger into the group and thrust them into Noah's snug opening, Noah's entire body went taut. Noah cried out as hot liquid splashed against Gage's leg.

Gage looked down at Noah, shocked that the man had come from so little stimulation. Gage hadn't even touched Noah's cock. He guest he shouldn't be too surprised. Noah was a virgin. Didn't mean he wasn't going to fuck him, though.

Gage pulled his fingers from Noah's ass and grabbed for the bottle of lube again. He poured some more into the palm of his hand and set the bottle back on the shelf. Reaching between him and Noah, Gage rubbed the body wash over his cock until he was nice and slick.

"Legs around my waist, Noah," Gage said as he easily lifted the man up by his butt. Noah's legs immediately wrapped around his waist. Gage grunted as Noah's legs tightened around him in a vice grip. Despite all appearances to the contrary, Noah was a strong little twink.

Gage stepped forward and pushed Noah up against the shower stall wall. He lifted the man enough to wiggle his cock into place at the entrance to the man's tight ass then slowly lowered Noah's body down until he felt himself bottom out.

Looking at Noah, Gage wondered if the man was even breathing. His eyes were as big as saucers, his mouth hung open as small pants fell from his lips. Noah looked dazed but Gage could see no signs of pain in his face.

"Are you ready, baby?"

Noah nodded but he didn't stop panting. Gage didn't know if Noah even knew what was about to take place. He had no clue how much experience the man might have beyond being a virgin. But Noah was about to find out.

Gage pulled his hips back, feeling his cock slowly withdraw from the tight grip Noah's body had on him then thrust forward. Noah's eyes widened and his panting increased. Gage could feel the man's cock start to harden again as it pressed between them.

Hooking his arms under Noah's legs, he let the man slide down the wall just a bit then started pounding into him with no warning. Noah's hand dug into Gage's shoulders. Gage knew he'd have fingernail marks in the morning. He didn't care. The hot silk enveloping his cock every time he moved seemed so much more important right at the moment.

Noah's body seemed to meet Gage's every thrust almost as if it welcomed him in. The harder he thrust, the deeper he could go and the tighter the grip around his cock. Gage couldn't remember ever feeling anything like it.

Soft mewling noises started coming from Noah. The sound, unlike a moan or groan that Gage would have expected, seemed to spur him on. Every time Noah mewled, Gage felt the need to be deep inside the man, as if he would miss something if he wasn't.

Gage gripped Noah's hips and held them stationary as he thrust harder, pounding his cock into Noah's virgin hole. His whole world narrowed down to the body pressed between him and the wall.

He didn't even protest when Noah leaned forward and started licking his neck, even if Noah's tongue felt kind of rough, like sandpaper, even if the man nipped at him. Each caress just seemed to arouse Gage more.

"Fuck, Noah, you were made for sex," Gage groaned as he felt his cock start to swell. His balls were rock hard against his body and he knew he was only seconds away from spilling his load.

Despite every rule he'd ever been taught about leaving no evidence behind while on a mission, Gage couldn't prevent himself from turning his head and biting into the soft skin of Noah's neck as his orgasm exploded over him.

He thrust once, twice, then three times, the last time shoving his cock as far into Noah's ass as he could go. A long shudder shook Gage's body as he felt the head of his cock throb and expand, seed spurting from him to fill Noah.

He distantly heard Noah cry out and the space between them filled with hot liquid. Noah's inner muscles gripped Gage's cock in a vice grip, dragging his orgasm out for so long that Gage tasted blood in his mouth before he realized he had broken the man's skin with his enthusiasm.

Gage panted heavily as his orgasm slowly started to subside. He closed his eyes and leaned his head against the shower wall behind Noah's head, wondering how in the world he was going to kill a man that just gave him the best fuck of his life.