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The Major's Warriors

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“It’s time to claim you, asıka.” Ruvia wrapped his arms around Jake, leaning in to nuzzle the side of his neck. He had to lean down quite a ways to get there but it was worth it when Jake’s heady scent filled his senses.

He lifted his head when Jake grunted, afraid he had done something wrong until he saw the bliss on the human’s face. Further investigation explained it. Rhada stood on the other side of him, his hand down the front of Jake’s pants.

Rayed was peeling Jake’s clothes off, slowly revealing a visual feast to Ruvia’s eyes. His people were covered in a fine layer of fur. Jake had no hair. His skin was all slick and tanned and silky to the touch. He was glorious.

Once Jake was naked, Rhada lifted him up and carried him to the bedding alcove, placing him in the middle of the large mattress. Ruvia climbed onto bed beside Jake, scooting close to him. Rayed climbed up onto the bed on the other side of Jake. Rhada stood at the end of the bed.

Ruvia laid one hand carefully over Jake’s stomach, leaning on the other one. His gaze filled with affection and worry as he watched the rapid rise and fall of Jake’s chest.

Ruvia raised his eyes to Rhada’s. “Brother, I don’t think Jake believes that we are going to claim him.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Rhada shook his head. “He accepted us and the lights danced for us. He’ll believe us soon enough.”  

Ruvia rolled his eyes as he climbed over to lay between Jake’s legs. He rested his hands on Jake’s chest as he gazed down into his dark blue eyes.

Asika,” he moaned again as he moved his hands up to pull at Jake’s nipples. Jake arched, pushing his chest up. His groaned ripped through the bedroom when Ruvia took up the invitation, his lips clamping around one of Jake’s nipples.

Rayed dropped down onto the bed on his back and scooted underneath Jake. A moment later, Jake’s high pitched cry filled the room. Even without looking, Ruvia knew from the way Jake’s hips started humping that Rayed had taken the man’s cock into his mouth.

“Rayed,” Jake groaned again, “If you don’t stop that I’m going to come.”

“Good,” Ruvia replied. Ruvia wanted Jake to come, and then come again and again. He wanted Jake mindless with pleasure.

His declaration was met with a deep chuckle from Rhada as he reached over and pulled the lube out of the nightstand drawer. Rhada held up the bottle of lube for Ruvia, his grin mischievous. “I think we’re going to need this.”

Ruvia eagerly grabbed the lube, squirting some out on his fingers. He knelt back on his legs before reaching down between Jake’s legs. He pressed his fingers between the man’s ass cheeks. He groaned when his fingers instantly slid right into Jake’s ass. He groaned as warm silk enclosed his fingers, gripping him like they never wanted to leave.

Jake was humping his hips into the air then moving back, impaling his ass on Ruvia’s fingers. Ruvia knew from the desperate sounds falling from Jake’s mouth that the man was enjoying what was happening.

Ruvia moved a third finger into Jake’s ass the next time he thrust them in. He pounded his fingers in and out of Jake’s tight hole. Knowing he was bringing his mate pleasure was beyond anything Ruvia had ever felt in his life. He felt strong, powerful.

Arousal beat like a drum inside his head. Ruvia could barely function. He couldn’t think of anything but how good it was going to feel to sink his aching cock inside Jake’s tight ass. It was the one thought in his head, overriding everything else.

Once Jake was stretched, and significantly more aroused, Ruvia grabbed the washcloth Rhada handed him and cleaned his hand off before smiling down at his mate. “So, asika, which one of us do you want first?”

Jake blinked up at him. “I get to choose?”

“Of course,” Ruvia replied, shooting his brothers a quick look. Why wouldn’t Jake get to choose? What sort of world had he come from that he even had to ask that?

Jake looked at Ruvia, then Rhada and Ruvia, his forehead wrinkled as if he was trying to figure out the logistics of having all three of them. Ruvia knew they all needed to claim Jake in order for their bond to form. He was just worried that Jake’s human body couldn’t take it. It almost started to suggest they took turns at different times when Jake started speaking.

“I get all three of you?”

Ruvia nodded.

“At the same time?”