Adult Excerpt
The Master's Pet

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“When someone is attracted to someone else, as I am to you, our bodies react in certain ways. You make my cock hard and I want to touch you all over, to kiss you. I’m hoping since you’re body has reacted the way it did that you are just as attracted to me.”

            Zane nearly laughed when Jiri’s face turned red but refrained. Jiri didn’t need Zane laughing right now. He needed reassurance and understanding.

 “I like it when you kiss me,” Jiri admitted.

            “How about when I touch you?” Zane asked as he squeezed his hand around Jiri’s cock through his pants. “Do you like that?”

            “It feels…it feels really good,” Jiri moaned.

            “It’s supposed to feel good, Jiri. That’s why we like to do it.” Zane squeezed Jiri again, rubbing his hands up and down a little until Jiri began to fidget. His hand went to the button on Jiri’s jeans. “It would feel a lot better if I didn’t have to touch you through your clothes, Jiri.”


            Zane quickly unbuttoned then unzipped Jiri’s pants before he could change his mind. The moment Zane’s hand wrapped around Jiri’s length and gave it one simple tug, Jiri cried out and spilled himself all over Zane’s hand.

            Zane continued to stroke Jiri for a few more moments until Jiri’s body stopped shuddering and he collapsed against Zane’s chest. Zane wiped his hand on a napkin then wrapped it around Jiri’s neck.

            “See, baby, it feels really good, doesn’t it?” Zane whispered against Jiri’s hair.

            Jiri just nodded. “What happened?”

            Zane chuckled. “You had an orgasm, baby. That’s what happens when people have sex.”

            “That’s sex?”

            “No,” Zane laughed as he wondered how anyone could be so naive in this day and age, “that’s not exactly sex. That’s part of it. There’s a lot more to it than that. What you just got was called a hand job. There are also blow jobs, rim jobs, intercourse, making out. A lot of stuff.”

            “Do they feel just as good?”

            “Yeah, some of them feel even better.”

            “Oh, I want to try those.” Jiri tilted his head back to look at Zane. “Can we, Zane”

            Zane groaned. Jiri was going to kill him. Maybe it was a plot by Larry to torture him first and then kill him. Zane knew that Jiri had no idea what his words were doing to him and he prayed Jiri never found out. Zane was strangely afraid that if Jiri found out, there’d be no question who was the master and who was the slave.


            “Yeah, Jiri, we can try them.”

            “Now?” Jiri asked.

            Zane nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt tentative fingers wrap around his cock. He couldn’t hold back the groan that broke free from his lips. He was sure that Jiri had no idea how good that actually felt.

            “Harder, baby, squeeze harder and move your hand up and down,” Zane encouraged. The moment Jiri began moving his hand Zane knew he wouldn’t last long. Jiri might not be experienced but he more than made up for it with enthusiasm.

            “I’m going to come in a minute, Jiri,” Zane groaned. Hell, he was going to come any second if Jiri kept doing what he was doing. Jiri had one hand wrapped around Zane’s cock. The other hand was gently stroking Zane’s ball sac.

            “Jiri,” Zane cried out as his body went stiff and his cock exploded. Like Zane had done to him, Jiri continued to stroke Zane’s cock several times as Zane’s cock shot out ropes of pearly white cum. He felt Jiri buck against his leg then warm liquid covered him.

            “Enough, Jiri,” Zane said as he reached down and grabbed Jiri’s wrist. He was very sensitive now. When Jiri let loose of his cock, Zane grabbed him around the waist and pulled him up to lay against his chest.

            “Is that supposed to happen?” Jiri asked.


            “You didn’t even touch me and I—I…”

            Zane chuckled. “It happens but not all of the time. Personally, I think it’s great that you got excited enough to come again. Maybe after we rest we’ll see if we can get you to do it again, huh?”

            Jiri laughed. “I’d like that, Zane.”

            “Me too,” Zane said. “I also think we should get out of these wet clothes and get into bed. This stuff gets a little sticky after awhile.”

            Jiri nodded and climbed off the bed to pull his shirt over his head and drop it on the floor. Zane watched him getting his first good look at Jiri’s nude body. Oh hell, he was right. Jiri was breathtaking. He was so doomed.

            Rolling to the side of the bed, Zane quickly pulled his clothes off before crawling underneath the covers. He held the edge up for Jiri, smiling when Jiri climbed right in and laid down, one leg thrown over Zane’s, head tucked under Zane’s chin.

            Zane wrapped his arms around Jiri and settled back against the pillows. He realized that he was suddenly content, something he hadn’t felt in a long time. Maybe having a pet wasn’t such a bad thing.


            “Yeah, Jiri?”

            “I don’t have to do this with anyone else do I? It seems kind of personal and… and… well, I just don’t want to do it with anyone else,” Jiri explained. “You won’t make me, will you?”

            “No, Jiri, you only do this with me. You’re my pet and I don’t share. Remember what happened to Pug when he wanted me to share?”

            “You killed him.”

            “And I’ll kill anyone that tries to do this with you. This is only for me, Jiri. I’m the only one that gets to see you like this or touch you like this. I’ll be very upset if you do this with anyone else. Got it?”

            “Got it, Zane,” Jiri laughed.

            “Now, close your eyes and go to sleep, Jiri. We are both going to need our rest if I’m going to teach you about sex.”

            “I’m already asleep.”