Adult Excerpt
The Vampire's Assistant

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Nikolas' calm was shattered by the hunger welling up inside of him as he explored Jon's mouth. He slipped his hands down Jon's arms then gripped his hips, pulling him closer. He caressed the length of Jon's back.

            The hard length pressed against him told Nikolas Jon desired him just as much as Nikolas desired Jon. He couldn't be more thrilled at the prospect. To not be desired by his Rajaaka would be a nightmare of epic proportions.

            Jon groaned, his hands tightening on Nikolas' shirt. Nikolas felt a low rumble build in his chest. Before he could stop himself, he licked his way down to the soft pulse in Jon's neck and sank his teeth in.

            Jon's body instinctively arched toward Nikolas. It was a heady combination, Jon's hard body pressed against his as the taste of sweet hot blood exploded across his tongue. And knowing it was his Rajaaka he held in his arms was more than Nikolas could fight.

            Using his superior strength, Nikolas picked Jon up in his arms and carried him back over to the bed. He lowered him to the bed, moving to cover Jon's body with his own.

            Nikolas extracted his teeth and licked the bite mark closed before lifting his head to look down into Jon's dark chocolate brown eyes. He was nearly overcome with the knowledge that the man he held in his arms was his Rajaaka after all of these years.

            "I want to make love to you, Rajaaka," Nikolas said softly.

            Jon inhaled, his eyes widening. "J -- Jon."

            Nikolas smiled and reached up to caress the side of Jon's face again. He couldn’t get over how soft the man's skin felt, how wonderful it felt to just touch Jon. He couldn't wait to feel Jon's body pressed against his. It would be like wrapping himself in warm silk.

            "I know who you are, Rajaaka." Nikolas saw the wonder in Jon's deep brown eyes and smiled. He wondered what color they would be when the man was in the midst of an orgasm. "I still want to make love to you."

            "I -- I don't even know you."

            Nikolas could see the confusion in Jon's face, the uncertainty. He could also see the desire to give in. Nikolas stuck his index finger into his mouth and pricked it on one sharp fang.

            "You know me," Nikolas said as he rubbed his bleeding finger over Jon's lips. "You know me better than anyone in the world."

            Nikolas growled low in his throat when Jon's tongue poked out to lick at the blood on his lips. He rubbed against Jon's tongue with his finger then sank it into Jon's mouth.

            Nikolas inhaled sharply. His cock almost burst out of his pants when Jon's lips closed around his finger and the man began sucking on it. Each draw of Jon's mouth felt like it was mirrored on his cock.

Nikolas suddenly knew his Rajaaka was going to be big trouble for him. He seemed very oral. Nikolas had no doubt Jon could get him to come just by sucking on his finger. He'd probably pass out from ecstasy if Jon sucked on his cock.

            When Jon's brown eyes fluttered up to his, Nikolas knew he was lost. He clawed at Jon's clothing, ripping them away. He needed to feel the man's body beneath his hands. He needed to feel his body pressing down on Jon's. He just needed.

            Nikolas' hands lips followed his hands. He kissed each inch of naked skin he bared until Jon writhed under him, small pants and moans falling from his lush lips. And Jon had the fullest lips Nikolas had ever seen.

            "Nik -- Nikolas," Jon moaned beneath him.

            "Petjya, my sweet," Nikolas corrected. "I will be called Petjya from your lips."

            "Petjya?" Jon frowned. "I thought your name was Nikolas."

            "It is. Petjya is, um…" Nikolas frowned as he tried to best put the ancient vampire word into human words Jon might understand. "It is like lover or mate. It is the proper way to address someone you are intimate with."

            "Are we going to be intimate?"

          Nikolas glanced down at the nearly naked body beneath him then looked up to give Jon a feral grin. "That’s the plan."