Story Excerpt
The Vampire's Assistant

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Jon took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. He checked his appearance in the mirror, groaning when he spotted the large water spot on his white dress shirt. Just fucking perfect. Could his day get any worse?

Jon grabbed some dry paper towels and tried to wipe away as much of the water as he could. Shaking his head, Jon tossed the towels in the garbage then ran his fingers through his brown hair, wishing just once the curls would behave themselves. It seemed no matter what he did, his hair would just bounce all over the place.

Figuring there was nothing else he could do, Jon made his way back down the hallway to the office. He opened the door then stopped, glancing around in surprise. The office filled minutes ago with people was totally empty.

Jon took a step into the room, the office door closing behind him with a soft whooshing sound. Jon's heart began to sink as he looked around the empty room and listened for any sounds. Had someone gotten the job already?

A loud crash from the room behind the secretary's desk startled Jon. Curiosity about the origins of the crash ate at him but so did fear. He took a hesitant step closer, then another and another until he could peer around the edge of the doorway.

Jon's eyes widened and his jaw dropped down as he took in the destruction of what must have once been a beautiful office. Currently, it looked like a tornado went through room.

Chairs lay over turned or broken into pieces all over the floor. A large wooden desk sat on its side near one wall. Shattered picture frames, torn books, and shredded papers littered the room.

Terrified he might have walked in on a break in, Jon started to back out of the room. A deep rumbled growl behind him froze Jon in his tracks. It was low and menacing and made Jon's blood run cold in his veins.

He'd only heard that type of growl once before in his life. It was right before a rabid dog tried to attack him. Jon fought for his life then and he felt pretty sure he would be fighting for it once again, only this time he didn't think the growl came from a rabid dog.

As slowly as he could, Jon turned to face whatever was behind him. He had just enough time to see red glowing eyes devouring him before a blur of motion took him to the floor with a loud thud.

The pain exploding in Jon's back as he hit the floor was nothing compared to the pain ripping through his throat. Jon tried to fight back, hitting and scratching, biting at the body pinning him to the floor but nothing seemed to work.

As Jon's vision began to blur around the edges, he absently wondered at the strange taste in his mouth. He knew it was blood from the coppery tint to it but it tasted different than his own blood, sweeter.

How weird was that?