Adult Excerpt
To Love A King

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Cooper lifted Nicky into his arms and swung him around, sandwiching the smaller man between him and the bulkhead. The needy groan that left Nicky’s lips was pure agonizing frustration. Cooper had been teasing him for what seemed like an eternity, playing Nicky’s body like an instrument, bringing him to the edge of orgasm but never allowing him to come.

“Cooper, please.”

Cooper shuddered at the pleading in Nicky’s tone. Had he ever heard anything more arousing? “Tell me what you want, your majesty.” Cooper’s words were rough with passion, thick.

Cooper leaned down and nuzzled the side of Nicky’s neck. He loved the way the man smelled, like sunshine and acrylics. When Nicky’s head dropped back against the wall, Cooper licked up the side of his neck.

Nicky tasted just as good as he smelled.

“Cooper,” Nicky whimpered.

Cooper raised his head and looked down into Nicky’s sparkling grass green eyes. The man’s cheeks were flushed with arousal. He doubted the man had ever looked more beautiful, more stunning. He was everything perfect in the world—in any world—and he was all Cooper’s.

“Mine,” Cooper whispered almost reverently as he brushed the hair back from Nicky’s face. He felt something well up from deep inside of him, something that chocked him up.

Nicky’s heart pounded in an erratic rhythm. “Yes.”

Cooper’s mouth covered Nicky’s hungrily. It was just as gentle as it was furious. Cooper moved his mouth over Nicky’s, devouring, demanding a response from the man that owned him, heart and soul.

Cooper pulled him roughly, almost violently, to him. Nicky melted against him as if they were made to go together. They were. Some powerful entity somewhere had created the perfect man for Cooper and that man was in Cooper’s arms.

Cooper touched Nicky everywhere, trying to touch every inch of Nicky’s soft, silky skin Nicky’s hands slipped up Cooper’s arms to his shoulders, pulling him closer. He wanted to feel their bodies press together.

Nicky’s breath hitched when Cooper reached down between Nicky’s thighs, his fingers brushing against Nicky’s puckered entrance.

“Oh, god!” Nicky cried out when Cooper slid a finger inside of him. Cooper watched the man come apart in his arms as he moved his finger, pushing it in and then pulling it out. It was a sight he would never grow tired of.

When Cooper went to add another, Nicky spread his thighs. The next time Cooper’s fingers moved in him, Nicky lifted his hips as if to impale himself even further. Cooper kept his touch light and teasing as he pressed his fingers into the man’s sensitive hole.

“Oh, yes, yes,” Nicky groaned, his body instinctively arching toward Cooper, reaching for him. “More, please, now, Cooper,” Nicky pleaded. “Take me now.”

Cooper could not more deny Nicky than he could keep from breathing. He pulled his fingers free. Cooper kept his gaze locked with Nicky’s as the flames leaping between them grew. Time stood still, the world around them disappearing as Cooper pushed his cock into Nicky’s tight ass. It seemed to take forever and yet not long enough.

Finally, Cooper seemed to be in all of the way.

When Nicky whimpered, Cooper brushed the hair back from Nicky’s face. “I have you, Nicky. Let it go.”

Nicky cried out, his body trembling. His head dropped back on his shoulders and he groaned. It was unintelligible sound but crystal clear in its volume. A deep groan of need, Nicky’s need.

Cooper growled and grabbed Nicky’s hips, lifting him up and then letting him drop back down, impaling him. His movements started out slow, a gentle thrust as he sank his aching cock deep into Nicky’s tight channel.

And then Nicky’s inner muscles clenched around him like a silken glove and Cooper lost all control. One moment he was frozen in place, and the next he pounded into Nicky as if his life depended on it. Each thrust pushed his cock into the tightest grip imaginable. Each withdraw pulled him to the edge of bliss.

"Please," Nicky begged.

Nicky started panting heavily, his hands clenched in Cooper’s hair. His entire body seized as he cried out as cum shot from his cock, splattering between the two of them. The heavy scent of Nicky’s pleasure wrapped around Cooper, sinking into his pores, and marking him on a cellular level. He doubted he would ever be drawn to another person in his life like he was Nicky.

Cooper roared as his orgasm suddenly grabbed a hold of him. He shoved his thick cock as deep into Nicky’s ass as he could possibly go and then his world exploded as spurt after spurt of seed shot from his cock and filled Nicky until it leaked out of his ass.

The ecstasy that ripped through him came from his soul. Nicky’s unique smell was mixing with his own. There was something about that that calmed Cooper’s inner beast. He wanted everyone to know he had claimed this man and made him his.

Once he could breathe again, Cooper stroked his hand down Nicky's chest as his rapid panting slowed to a low rise and fall. Nicky’s head flopped back against the wall. He reached out and brushed the sweat dampened hair back from his face.

Nicky’s eyes sparkled like emeralds as he smiled. “I pray that never gets old.”