Adult Excerpt
Tre's Temptations

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When the mouth on his cock paused, Tre pushed his chair out just far enough to be able to look down at Dennis. "If you're going to suck my dick, suck it right."

Green eyes widened. Wrapping his lips around the head of Tre's cock, Dennis began to suck again, his tongue tracing the veins on either side, his cheeks hollowed. God, had anything ever felt so good? It was all Tre could do to keep his eyes from rolling back in his head—not a very alpha thing to do.

The wet slurping sounds of his mouth gliding up and down Tre’s erection, sucking hard, made Tre almost come on the spot. Pleasure built inside Tre, pooling in his balls and drawing them tight to his body. His balls burned, and at this intensity, Tre knew he wasn’t going to last.

Dennis stuck out his tongue and licked Tre’s balls then took each one into his mouth and sucked them one by one. Tre cradled the back of Dennis’s head as he slid slowly in and out of Dennis’s mouth.

Tre moaned as Dennis swirled his tongue around Tre’s cock before pressing the tip into the slit in the flared head of his shaft. Dennis's mouth tormented Tre, wringing searing pleasure after pleasure from his hard, aching dick. When Dennis opened wider, Tre speared his cock down the man's throat. His pumped his hips towards Dennis's mouth, and pumping furiously.

Tre held Dennis's head as he felt his orgasm approach. "Swallow it," Tre demanded. "Every damn drop."

As Dennis's throat massaged his aching length, Tre came hard. He grunted as he shot pulse after pulse of seed into Dennis's mouth. Dennis sucked and swallowed until Tre rolled his hips backward and pulled his dick from Dennis’s mouth with a damp pop.

Tre's eyebrows lifted when Dennis carefully tucked him back into his jeans and zipped him back up. "Is this a service you provide all of your employers?"

Tre didn't miss the flash of hurt in Dennis's expressive green eyes as the man lowered them to the floor. He wished he could call his words back, but damn it, he wanted to know. He needed to know.

Fisting a large section of carrot red hair in his hand, Tre forced Dennis's head back. "I asked you a question. I expect an answer." Why that answer was so important to Tre, he didn't know. It just was.

"No, sir," Dennis whispered, his eyes downcast. "Just you, sir."

Something unidentifiable settled in Tre's chest at Dennis's answer. The sir helped. "Keep it that way."

Surprise brightened Dennis's face when he looked up. "Yes, sir," he answered more forcefully. A small grin began to spread across Dennis's lips. "Is there anything else I can assist you with, sir?"

"Stand up."

Dennis instantly rose to his feet.

Tre grabbed the man's hips and pulled him into the juncture of his thighs. He might have just received the blow job of a lifetime, but that didn't mean his brain had been scrambled. He needed to return the favor.

Tre reached for the button on Dennis's jeans. His eyebrow shot up when Dennis laid a hand over his. "What's wrong?"

"" Dennis's naturally pale skin showed off the blush that flushed through him perfectly, highlighting the freckles lightly covering him. "I kind"

Tre glanced down even further. A smirk slid across his face when he saw the pronounced wet splotch saturating the front of Dennis's jeans. Ignoring the spreading wetness, he pressed his hand down over the large spot, his eyebrow quirking when he felt the man's still semi hard cock pulse beneath his palm.

"Did you like sucking my cock, Dennis?" The cum stain on the front of his pants would make it impossible for Dennis to lie to Tre.

Dennis shuddered. "Yes, sir."

Tre squeezed harder. "Do you like getting fucked?"

"Don't know, sir," Dennis whispered as he humped his hips, pushing into Tre's hand. "Never been fucked, sir."

Tre's mouth dropped open. "You've never been fucked?"

"No, sir."


Tre slid his other hand around and slid his hand down Dennis's firm rounded ass, pressing hard along the seam between his butt cheeks. "No one has ever tapped this ass?"

"No, sir," Dennis groaned. "No one."

"Give me the word and that can change."

Dennis gulped. "Word."