Adult Excerpt
What Once Was Lost

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Mykel bit is bottom lip, watching succulent skin being revealed before him, inch by delicious inch. They had just had sex but Mykel could feel his cock filling in his pants. Hell if he would ever get enough of seeing his mate naked.

“Need help?” Mykel asked as he pulled his shirt off.

“Depends,” Mo said as he palmed his cock. “What kind of help are you going to give me?”

Damn. His mate sure liked Mykel to voice his needs. He knew it turned Mo on, but Mykel wasn’t used to it. Not that he didn’t like it. He shrugged, trying his best to come up with something seductive to say. “I want to eat you alive.”

Mo’s eyes hooded as a smiled tugged at his lips. “That’s a good start, mate.”

A start? Mykel was going to be a pro at talking dirty by the time all of this was settled, if it ever was. He was beginning to think that they were always going to be on the run. “I want to lick your cock.”

“Let me shower first.”

Oh, Mykel planned on letting him shower. He also planned on joining him. He yanked his pants off, heading for the bathroom when someone buzzed his room. Mykel growled as he grabbed his clothes and quickly put them back on.

This better be damned important.

He had a cock to suck.

A very tasty cock to suck.

“What?” he growled as he answered the door. Shane stood there smiling at him, peeking his head inside.

“Is Mo around?”

Mykel wanted to strangle the guy. If he wasn’t so important to Mo, he would. “He’s in the shower. I planned on joining him.”

Shane blushed as he nodded. “I get it. Just let him know I’m looking for him.”

Mykel watched Shane walk away, wondering what the guy wanted. Oh well. He made sure the door was locked before shedding his clothes once more, heading for the bathroom. It was filled with steam and Mykel could see through the glass. His cock was getting harder by the second the longer he stood there and watched his mate lather soap all over his body. His fingers itched to be the one lathering.

Mykel slid the glass door aside, smiling up at Mo as his mate looked over his shoulder. Without a word, he grabbed the towel and began to wash Mo’s back. The cloth dipped into Mo’s thick, cut lines. Mykel was salivating.

He felt devilish as the cloth dipped between the crease of Mo’s ass.

“Hey, what are you doing back there?” Mo asked as he looked over his shoulder, a thick brow arched in the air.

“Who me?” Mykel asked innocently.

“I don’t see anyone behind you,” Mo teased.

Mykel grinned as the cloth sunk further down, past his mate’s hole and down toward his balls. “Spread ‘em.” He snickered.

“Only I can say that,” Mo said as his legs parted. Mykel had never washed anyone before and found it hot as hell. He dropped to his knees, making sure to clean his mate thoroughly.

“I think you’re having a little too much fun down there,” Mo said as he turned around, his cock at eye level. Mykel grabbed Mo’s erection, washing it with slow strokes.

He watched as Mo’s head fell back, his hips bucking, making his cock thrust toward Mykel. Mykel looked at Mo in awe. The man was the embodiment of perfection. “Turn.”

Mo turned, allowing the water to wash the soap away. Mykel tapped Mo’s butt, making his mate turn back toward him once again. Leaning forward, Mykel parted his lips, taking the crest of Mo’s cock into his mouth, allowing his tongue to enjoy the slippery feel of his mate’s wet cock.

Dropping the cloth, Mykel reached up and palmed Mo’s sac, running his fingers over the slick skin.

“Mykel,” Mo moaned.

Mykel’s index finger ran the course of Mo’s perineum, making small circular patterns as he took Mo’s cock deeper into his mouth.

“Come here,” Mo said as he reached down and pulled Mykel up by his arms. “Now you turn around.”

Mykel obeyed, Mo kicking his feet out so he was in a wide spread position. Mo grabbed the water proof lube from the shelf and readied his fingers, sinking them deep into Mykel’s yearning body.

His palms flattened against the wet wall as Mo teased and tortured him, making Mykel whimper with need. Somehow Mo had turned the tables, but there was no way Mykel was going to complain.

“Ready for my cock?” Mo asked as he pulled his hand free.

Mykel nodded.

“Say it, Mykel.”

Mykel rolled his eyes. “Shove your cock deep into my ass.” He knew he said the right thing when he heard a low growl from behind him and Mo did exactly that. Mykel yelped at the sudden and quick invasion, almost losing his balance as Mo grabbed his hips to steady him.

Mo raised Mykel a few inches from the floor and then started plunging deeply into his ass. Mykel cried out, his head spinning at the assault.

“Who’s ass is this?” Mo asked as he slammed into Mykel’s hole.

“Mine!” Mykel shouted.

Mo stilled and then laughed. Mykel thought about what he said and then felt his face heat up from embarrassment. “I mean yours.”

“God, I love you,” Mo said before jetting his hard erection into Mykel.

Mykel clawed at the wall as his body exploded, his cum hitting the shower wall as he cried out Mo’s name.

Mo was right behind him, shouting as he hammered into Mykel’s ass. He was going to feel this one for sure. Mo was fucking him like a mad man.