Adult Excerpt
Wicked West

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Konstantin stopped and wrapped his arms around Mikhail, pulling him against his muscular chest. “I love you.” Konstantin trailed a line of kisses along Mikhail’s shoulder and up his neck.

“I love you, too,” Mikhail breathed out on a moan.

Konstantin wrapped his arms around the back of Mikhail’s neck and brought their mouths together. Their lips moved in unison and Mikhail opened his mouth, welcoming Konstantin’s seeking tongue. Their tongues danced and twirled as Konstantin skimmed his hands down Mikhail’s arms. He leaned into him and Mikhail leaned back, loving the pressure of his lover’s body on top of his.

The tell-tale sound of the oil container opening made Mikhail grin and his cock jerked in response. After years of having Konstantin as his lover, Mikhail’s body was ready for the pleasure he knew was coming.

“Move to the center of the bed,” Konstantin ordered.

Mikhail readily obeyed. Konstantin didn’t give Mikhail anytime to settle back. Before his head could even hit the pillow, Konstantin sucked his hard shaft into his mouth. 


He moved his head up and down, swallowing Mikhail’s length down his throat. Konstantin tightened the suction around his mouth and Mikhail gripped the sheets. He couldn’t hold back his reactions. He pushed his hips up, fucking Konstantin’s beautiful mouth.

When strong fingers slid between his ass crease, Mikhail’s muscles fluttered in anticipation.  Konstantin rubbed the pads of his fingers against Mikhail’s asshole, before pressing the digit inside his body. He moaned and squirmed as Konstantin’s fingers sank deep. When Konstantin started fucking him, Mikhail’s eyes rolled back.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” he chanted repeatedly, begging for the dragon’s dick.

Konstantin pulled off his cock and grinned wickedly. “You’re so sexy, baby.” He wiped the access oil onto his shaft before flipping Mikhail over onto his hands and knees. “Stay.”

The blunt head of Konstantin’s erection pressed against Mikhail’s ass. He pulled back and pressed forward – teasing Mikhail with the frills along the head of his shaft – until he thought he might lose his mind. The blunt head kissed his rosette before slowly pushing forward past the tight ring of muscle. As he slowly sank in, deeper and deeper, Mikhail blew out a breath as sparks of pleasure jolted his system.

“Oh, god,” he moaned.

Mikhail gripped the headboard for support as he swiveled his hips, forcing Konstantin even deeper. His lover moved his strong hands up Mikhail’s back and around his chest, holding him tight as he continued to plunge in and out of Mikhail’s ass. It was intense. Every time they were together, Mikhail knew he wouldn’t be able to live without Konstantin in his life. 

“I love you,” he babbled. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, baby.”

Konstantin pulled his shaft back, and goose bumps broke out along Mikhail’s skin, as the nubs along the sides of Konstantin’s shaft, rubbed against the sensitive flesh. On each stroke, he hit Mikhail’s prostate gland.

His toes curled.

His muscles flexed.

His eyes rolled back inside his head.

“Oh, fuck! Don’t stop…” he begged.

The strong arms that held him tight, kept Mikhail from floating off the bed. He hit Mikhail’s sweet spot again and again, and Mikhail slowly started losing control. Konstantin slammed into him as if sensing how close to the edge he was. Covering his back, Konstantin ran the sharp edges of his teeth over Mikhail’s shoulder.

He wanted to bite down, to mark and claim the man he loved, but he didn’t. He pulled himself back from the edge of sanity and remembered that he couldn’t. They were different ranks and although Konstantin loved Mikhail and planned to spend the rest of his life with the other dragon, he couldn’t leave the mating mark.

Konstantin pounded his hard shaft into his lover and Mikhail went wild, pumping his hips frantically. He came, warm jets of cum shooting from the head of his shaft onto the sheets below. Mikhail fell forward and Konstantin followed him down. The dragon covered his body like a warm heavy blanket and Mikhail let out a contented sigh.

“Whatever happens tomorrow, I will always choose you.”

Mikhail’s lips twitched. “I know.”

“Good,” Konstantin trailed a line of kisses along the back of his neck and over his shoulder. “Get some sleep, sweetheart.”

Closing his eyes, Mikhail relaxed back in Konstantin’s arms.