Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Delta Wolf
Delta Wolf Character Chart
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Chameleon Wolf

Delta Wolf #1

Zac Sheehan, a werewolf enforcer, is sent to eliminate a rogue wolf. Instead, he finds his mates, Matt and Aiden, but before he can celebrate he has to save them from a crooked alpha bent on killing them all and get them to the wolf council to clear Aiden's name.

Mating Games

Delta Wolf #2

Alastar O’Conner is a vampire, plain and simple. On a mission for his coven leader, he discovers both of his mates locked in a shed. Beyond overjoyed, he helps them escape. Alstar soon realizes that escaping a psychotic Alpha may not be his biggest hurdle. Dobry is terrified of him and afraid of any physical touch and Sebastian hates vampires. So, what’s a mated vampire to do?

Blood Lust

Delta Wolf #3

Constantine Stylianos, a Delta Wolf, is tired of living the life that his parents planned for him. He wants the mates he's always dreamed of. He just doesn't realize that fate has already chosen them. But Constantine will have to use all of his abilities, and a few friends, to save Owen and Christian.