Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
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Sasha is trying to plan a surprise for Vadim but that's pretty hard to do when he gets grounded to his room. How can he make his plans if he can't leave his room. Better yet, how can he plan his revenge?

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Keely James adores his lover but lately it seems like Dominic doesn’t have the time to spend with him. When tragedy strikes, Keely needs Dominic more than ever. When the man won’t even return his phone calls, Keely knows he’s been forgotten.

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After getting injured and losing his horse during a cattle drive, Daniel Branson is ordered to ride the stagecoach back home. Little does he realize that it will put him in the hands of the notorious outlaw, Black Bart. And the handsome outlaw has plans for Daniel that don’t involve holding him for ransom!

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For three years, Rafe and Nando had denied their feelings for each other, each living in a hell of their own making, each loving the other but afraid to make a move. Then Nando breaks up with yet another boyfriend because he won’t commit to him. He can’t. He’s in love with Rafe. Heartbroken, and having one too many cocktails, Nando shows up at Rafe’s apartment, going to the one man he really wants to be with. Loving Nando the way he does, Rafe can’t turn him away.

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Jake and Lucas are planning a special surprise for Leyland to celebrate their first Christmas together but when Lucas disappears on his way to town to get their gift, can Jake and Leyland survive the wait or will their Christmas be ruined?

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Danny fell in love with Ryan the moment he met him. He knew they were soul mates. But his heart is shattered three months later when Ryan leaves him because Ryan's son, Sam, has developed a crush on Danny. When Ryan figures out he lost the best thing that ever happened to him, can Danny forgive him or will it take a devious plan by Sam and Danny's mother to get the two men back together?

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