Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Lover's of Alpha Squad
Lover's of Alpha Squad Character Chart
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Mari's Men

Lover's of Alpha Squad 1

Twins Cole and Bear Daniels dream of a woman they can share between them. When they rescue Mari from a group of mobsters, they know that she is the one for them. But can they convince Mari that two is better than one?

The Doctor's Patience

Lover's of Alpha Squad 2

Doc has always known Sam was straight, but when a brief sexual encounter with Sam leads him to believe that Sam might be interested in more than a doctor patient relationship, Doc decided to pursue Sam, only to learn that Sam is married…to a woman! Where does that leave him?

Julia's Knight

Lover's of Alpha Squad 3

Julia entrances Caleb the moment he meets her. She's everything he could ever want, but there's one problem--she isn't his woman, she's married to his best friend. But Julia wants Caleb and has every intention of getting him, if she can convince him hers is a marriage of convenience.

Three of a Kin

Lover's of Alpha Squad 4

Heath is fascinated by Jake, who likes him just the way he is, wild ways and all. Before long, Heath has fallen in love. When Ethane enters the picture, Heath is torn by his attraction to the other man and his lover. Can he keep Jake and have Ethane too?