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Cade Creek
Cade Creek Character Chart
NOTE: The Blaecleah Brothers series came before Cade Creek
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Happy's Ever After

Cade Creek 1

Answering a disturbance call, Deputy Marc Walker meets a man that shocks him with his gentleness. He wants to know everything about the man. He wants to show Happy the world, and he’s not going to let a little thing like getting shot interfere with those plans.

Farmer In The Dell

Cade Creek 2

Mitchell Walker never wanted anything other than the simple life of a farmer—until he met Elliot Foster, and then his dreams changed. Elliot seemed to want the same thing until the day he disappeared without a word. Now, he’s back, and he’s not alone.

Fireman's Flame

Cade Creek 3

Fire Chief Jack Helmond is used to being called to the scene of accidents. It’s part of the job. When he discovers a frightened young man pinned in his car, the job takes on new meaning. Rescuing Chester Bailey becomes personal.

Jonny Be Good

Cade Creek 4

The growing feelings Jonny has for Russ just won’t go away, not even when the man makes it clear they can only be friends. After one too many rejections, Jonny decides he needs to build a life without Russ, but that’s just the beginning of his troubles.

Starting Something

Cade Creek 5

When the man he’s interested in betrays his trust, Hank refuses to have anything to do with him. But fate has a way of making a man regret decisions made in haste. When Sammy’s life is threatened, saving him might be harder than finding the serial arsonist that is plaguing Cade Creek. It might be damn near impossible.

Better Than Good

Cade Creek 6

When Harvey James is offered a brown-eyed beauty in exchange for a round of drinks at his bar, he accepts, starting a series of events that tests his strength and strips him of his fine-honed control. Because Joey Baker isn’t just a man to be bartered, he’s a man Harvey wants to keep.

The Best Parts

Cade Creek 7

Being a fire fighter fulfills Paul Rafferty’s need to protect those that can’t protect themselves. When he meets Noah Helmond and learns who the man is, he’s prepared to think the worst. Getting Noah to admit there’s more to his story might be the hardest battle he’s ever fought.

Little Bit of Nothing

Cade Creek 8

Life for Artie Mills was hard enough without being sold to a drug dealer by his jerk of a stepfather. He wasn't sure if meeting undercover DEA agent Dorian James was going to make it better or worse, but he damn sure wanted to find out.

The Ties That Bind

Cade Creek 9

Deputy Nick Hale and Dr. Devon Berkley had been best friend since grade school. They had always been there for each other, even when DB discovered he was gay and Nick was not. When tragedy strikes, being best friends might not be enough to keep Nick from making the worst mistake of his life.

Odd Man Out

Cade Creek 10

Asked to look into suspicions of abuse, Bear Black finds himself more intrigued by the man he is investigating than he really should be, especially considering the man is married. When Bear tries to rescue Andrew, he finds a man that calls to his soul as much as his protective instincts.

Race Against Time

Cade Creek 11

All Racine Tuff wanted was to get back to Cade Creek. It represented safety. With a date gone wrong and a psycho hunting him, being safe seemed like a dream too far out of his reach. When he's met at the airport by a couple of sexy firemen, trusting them is easier than he thought it would be, but is his trust misplaced?

Heart of a Mountain

Cade Creek 12

Aldrin came to Cade Creek hoping to build a new life. With his job at the Cade Creek Diner, Aldrin has a chance to meet many of the townspeople, but the one that interests him the most is the one that doesn't say anything. Determined to bring the gorgeous man out of his shell, Aldrin sets about showing Jonah Cade that there is life off his mountain top.

Shy Guys Finish First

Cade Creek 13

Cory James went to the city for a small vacation. He never expected to come home with a family. The man he tries to rescue from an attack turns out to be the answer to every dream Cory ever had. Now, if they could just danger from finding them again, they might find happiness.

The Right Time For Us

Cade Creek 14

Robby Fletcher had a lot of things to be ashamed of, but with one beating too many, he's finally had enough. He barely has time to step foot in Cade Creek before he's running for his life again, right into the arms of a man so sexy, he makes Robby's teeth ache.

Home In His Eyes

Cade Creek 15

DEA Agent Mike Ryan spent months in Cade Creek recovering from a bullet wound from a botched mission and a broken heart from being dumped by his lover. Coming face to face with Adam changes the betrayal he feels into confusion. Someone is trying desperately to keep them apart and Mike is determined to find the culprit.

Gold Star Heart

Cade Creek 16

Deputy Eddie Fletcher never dreamed when he was sent out on a call that he would be meet the man of his dreams, but that was exactly what Cary was. He was smart and sexy and in trouble, but before Eddie can even think of pursuing the man, he has to keep him alive.

Fit To Be Tied

Cade Creek 17

DEA Agent Dan Wilson was just looking for a place to rent. He had no idea that it would bring him the love of his life. Waking up in bed with Terry wasn't the worst morning he'd ever had, but learning he had been taken for a fool kind of was.

Finding Lost Treasures

Cade Creek 18

All Hector Cruz wanted was a place of his own, but buying a rundown farm came with more problems than he'd been expecting. Between the needed repairs, the problems at work, and the man hiding out in his basement, he was starting to wonder if finding a place to call home was worth the headache.

Happy's Joy

Cade Creek 19

Deputy Marc Walker had no idea when he rescued Joy that she would come to mean so much to him and Happy. When someone comes for Joy, Marc has to decide if giving Joy up is the best thing for her or if it will destroy the sweet little girl he has come to adore.

Picture Perfect Lies

Cade Creek 20

Senator Wilson Khor II came to Cade Creek to meet the son he'd never known he had. He didn't expected to meet the man of his dreams. When someone starts looking into his past, keeping his political career may be the least of his problems. It could cost him the man he's falling in love with.

Just Another Classic

Cade Creek 21

When Tony Garza saved him from an overzealous admirer, Lex found someone he really wanted to get to know better. Between get-togethers and endless phone calls, Lex felt they were truly on their way to something wonderful. Too bad someone else wanted to possess Lex.

One Last Go Around

Cade Creek 22

Yuval Zev was a quiet, shy accountant who worked hard, loved his parents, and always dreamed of owning a horse. His entire world was turned into a nightmare when he's found guilty of killing a man in cold blood. In prison, there's no one to save him, or is there?

Undercover Complication

Cade Creek 23

Nathan Collins just wanted to finish his prison sentence and then find some little place to hide from the world. He did not expect to get pulled into committing a crime by one of the guards or to escape from prison with him.

Code Triage

Cade Creek 24

Pat Fischer was a nurse at the Cade Creek Hospital and he was very good at what he did. When a multi-car crash on the pass brings in an injured man, Pat's skills are put to the test in more ways than one.