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Hot Mess Series
Hot Mess Series Character Chart
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Hot Mess 1

Cinnamon and whiskey had a delicious scent and it was S.W.A.T. commander, Lt. Salvador Delvecchio. I wanted to roll in that scent, sink into it, and never come out. I wanted to be consumed by everything that was the lethal man who had rescued me and decided I belonged to him.

I was a hot mess.

Hot Mess 2

As a lieutenant on the city's elite SWAT unit, I had a job I loved. I lived in a beautiful penthouse apartment. And the love of my life spent every night in my arms. My life was good, which was why I was not thrilled that someone was messing with it.

Hot Mess 3

Two years ago, my world changed when Lt. Salvador Delvecchio rescued me and decided I belonged to him. A year ago, he changed my life again when he asked me to marry him. As I sat there alone, I had to wonder if the things in life I found important, were important to Sal.

Hot Mess 4

Lany was the be all, end all of my entire world. Saving him from being in the middle of a mob war was an easy feat compared to dealing with the trouble my hot little mess could get into, but some things were worth doing right.

Hot Mess 5

There came a point where I began to believe life was perfect. And then I discovered that evil was alive and well and coming for me. I had two choices. Hide in my panic room or spit in the devil's face.

I spit in the devil's face.

Hot Mess 6

I just wanted to help my Mom out. I had no idea I'd be dragged into a mess that would change my entire world. Learning that children were being abused, and determined to stop it, I jumped in feet first. I had no idea that my decision would drag me through hell.

Hot Mess 7

I'd become quite experienced at keeping my hot little mess out of trouble over the years, but when danger comes from an unknown source, keeping Lany safe might take more than a miracle.

A Very Hot Mess Christmas

It was the Christmas season and I wanted to make it special. We'd been through a lot lately and we needed something to remind us of how wonderful our life was. It really sucked that there were forces working against my happy little holiday.

Hot Mess 9

When Sal announced he wanted a divorce. I was devastated, especially considering I had no idea why, and he refused to speak to me except through his lawyer. When my world continued to go to hell, I had to wonder if someone had it out for me.