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Vampire Chronicles
Vampire Chronicles Character Chart
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The Vampire's Assistant

Vampire Chronicles 1

Applying for the personal assistant position to the reclusive Nikolas Vaile, CEO of Vaile Industries, one of the largest pharmaceutical and research companies in the world, seemed a little too high seeking, but what did Jon have to lose? His blood?

(Formally part of the Bite Here anthology - revised & extended by 13,000 words)

The Vampire's Kiss

Vampire Chronicles 2

Louis Redgrave knew Etienne was his rajaaka the moment he laid eyes on the beautiful man. Fighting off a room full of drunk vampire to get to Etienne is child's play compared to trying to convince the man he wants to keep him forever.

The Vampire's Touch

Vampire Chronicles 3

When a gorgeous man with sultry eyes plants a kiss on his lips at the stroke of midnight, Marcus Aguilera is stunned to realize he has finally found his rajaaka. He's devastated when he realizes his mate is human, and leaves him after a night of passion. But the fates will not be denied.

The Vampire's Duty

Vampire Chronicles 4

As head enforcer of a his vampire tribe, Aldrich has seen the worst of humanity, both vampire and human. When he finds a sweet man in need of protection, he knows he's up for the job. Mating is something all together different.

The Vampire's Surprise

Vampire Chronicles 5

Quinn Anderson just wanted to be left alone. Between his job as a waiter and caring for his three younger siblings, life had not been kind to him. Suddenly, he's got rogue vampires hunting him, tribe vampires who have questions, and one man who swears they are mates.

The Vampire's Rogue

Vampire Chronicles 6

Dietrich was a sentry and he took his duty to his tribe very seriously. When he is ordered by his prince to guard the good doctor, he has no idea he's about to meet his rajaaka. Finding out they were mates was easy. Staying alive may not be.

The Vampire's Snuggler

Vampire Chronicles 7

Yuri was sent on a mission get Stan to safety. Things go to crap the moment he arrives at the clinic, and they just keep getting worse. The one bright spot is the hours they spent alone together. But why did Stan's eyes turn red, and what did it mean for him? For them?