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Elemental Demons
Elemental Demons Character Chart
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Fire Demon

Elemental Demons 1

Tehmper is a fire demon, devoted to hunting down Shayātīn. One mission leads him to Gabe, his demon mate. He bites Gabe and claims him. But convincing Gabe to return to Jinnistan is harder than Tehmper thought, especially when Jinnistan's ruler wants Gabe for his own. Can Tehmper save his mate from the Amir or will Gabe lose his head to the executioner's axe?

Air Demon

Elemental Demons 2

Nicholas Dane is happy that his friend, Gabe has found the love of his life, even if he can never return to the surface world. The same cannot be said for Nick. He knows who his demon mate is but Storym won't give him the time of day.

Earth Demon

Elemental Demons 3

Detective Jackson Aniston was pulled into a world he never knew existed kicking and screaming. Demons were real, and one of them swore they were mates. No matter how handsome or intriguing the Djini warrior was, Jack wasn't gay. It could never happen, no matter how many times Clagh kissed him.



Water Demon

Elemental Demons

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