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Battle Bunnies
Battle Bunnies Character Chart
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Battle Bunnies 1

As a Battle Bunny, honed in the fires of hell, Bailey fights every day just to function. Blind since birth, the skills he learned to protect himself keep him alive, but nothing can protect him from the mate he discovers on a rescue mission.


Battle Bunnies 2

Baxter is pierced in places that make life interesting, as snarky as they come, and so lonely his heart screams out for someone to simply acknowledge his existence. When someone does, Bax feels as though he has to fight everyone, including his own brothers, to keep the man that speaks to his soul.


Battle Bunnies 3

The middle bunny of five, Beaumont has grown used to going unnoticed. When a stranger with piercing black eyes arrives at the mansion, his world is turned upside down, and Beau has to decide if being seen is all he dreamed it would be.


Battle Bunnies 4

Barclay knows he's going to die. He makes the ultimate sacrifice by refusing to mate with his sweet duck. African Buffalo, Tavarus, sees things a bit differently, and he has the strength to back up his opinion. For Barclay, losing control never felt so good.


Battle Bunnies 5

Basil is the last unmated Battle Bunny, but there's a reason. The tiger stalking him is his mate, and Basil has known it for years. As strong as the mate draw is, Basil doesn't know if he can trust the handsome tiger.