Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
These revised versions has been reedited and extended.
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A Promise Kept

Promise Series 1

Mason is in love with his brother’s best friend. It’s been ten years of secret fantasies, hidden glances, and forbidden yearnings because Mason was gay…and Jack was not, or so he thought. But new love is not always easy, especially when a serial killer has his sights set on Mason.

(Revised and extended by 6,656 words)

A Promise Given

Promise Series 2

Alec Whitley and Detective Cooper Thomas have a history. Their life together ended the day Alec left without a word. Now, ten years later, Alec is back and he wants to discuss the past and the future he believes they might still have together. But first, they have to discover who killing young gay men again before they become the next victims.

(Revised and extended by 4,089 words)

Beyond the Darkness

Dark Court 1

Zack Banning is having a bad day, hell, a bad year. When he discovers a man being attacked and jumps into the fight, it just goes to reason that his life will get more complicated. Someone is after, Eljin, the man he rescued. The same people want to kill Zack. And Zack is convinced that Eljin is nuttier than a bed bug. If he’s not, the very foundation of Zack’s life could change forever.

  • Noble Romance, 1st Edition: 39,000

  • Ellora's Cave, 2nd Edition:40,400

  • Siren Publishing, 3rd Edition:43,500

Beyond Regret

Dark Court 2

When circumstances find Doc and Rocky in the Seelie Court, the two men give into the desire growing between them. It ends with Rocky making a comment that drives Doc from him with a broken heart. When Doc decides to leave on a mission back to the human world it doesn’t turn out like he expects when he meets Monte, the Seelie Elf he’s been sent to rescue, and the most intriguing man he’s ever met.

  • Noble Romance, 1st Edition: 48,400

  • Ellora's Cave, 2nd Edition: 58,000

  • Siren Publishing, 3rd Edition: 60,600

Beyond Eternity

Dark Court 3

Brandon Thomas liked his job as an orderly but lately, things had started to get a little weird AT WORK. The military has taken over the small institute. A job promotion doesn't lead to a better position, as Brandon thought, but to a sexy elf that says they are mates. Should Brandon believe Kavin or is it all some elaborate ruse by a mad scientist bent on making super solders with his DNA?

  • Noble Romance, 1st Edition: 40,500

  • Ellora's Cave, 2nd Edition: N/A

  • Siren Publishing, 3rd Edition: 44,500

Call Me Sir

Sir Series 1

The night Logan James subbed for the bartender at his club, he had no idea that the love of his life would walk through the door, but he knew he wanted Joey MacIntire the moment he saw him. He just wasn’t sure Joey was prepared for what Logan wanted from him.

(Revised and extended by 5,402 words)

Call Me Sir, Too

Sir Series 2

Dante was the perfect Dom as far as Daniel was concerned, strong, powerful, and sexy as all get out. Daniel knew Dante could give him what he’d always craved in life. Just when Daniel thought things were going good for them, Dante disappears. Holding on to hope, Daniel waits…and waits. But after nearly six months, he finally gives up and agrees to a scene with another Dom. Daniel realizes his mistake almost immediately but by then it’s too late.

(Revised and extended by 4,099 words)

Call Me Master

Sir Series 3

According to Rafe’s friends, playing hard to get is the only way Denny has a chance of claiming the Dom of his dreams, but that might be harder than he planned when another Dom decides he wants Denny.

(Revised and extended by 8,000 words)

Pleasing Master

Sir Series 4

Jackson Davis is considered a gay man’s wet dream. So why can’t he find a dream man for himself? When he discovers Michael, he finds himself doing thing he never dreamed he do, and liking them but can he accept the domination of another man even when he obsessed with pleasing him?

(Formally Pleasing Michael. Revised and extended by 16,730 words)

Submitting to Simon

Sir Series 5

Jamie is looking for someone to give him a little discipline. Nothing major - a light spanking will do just fine. When he spots Simon at a New Year's Eve party, he knows he's met a man who can make his New Year's resolutions come true.

(Formally New Year's Resolution. Revised and extended by 25,416 words)

Finding Frankie

Mech Warrior 1

Ten years ago, Roarke lost his lover to a virus that killed millions. Frankie’s family hid him in a cryogenics facility until a cure could be found. Roarke has searched for Frankie ever since. But brining Frankie back might cost him more than his sanity. It might cost him his life.

(Revised and extended by 6,715 words)

Picture Me Perfect

Sammy & Friends 1

On the run after being attacked by his ex-boyfriend, Nicky Everson runs to the one man he knows can save him, Troy Summers, a cop partnered with Nicky’s brother, James. But can Nicky and Troy hide their relationship from everyone long enough to get to know each other or will trouble find them first?

(Revised and extended by 6,521 words)

Sammy Dane

Sammy & Friends 2

Police Officer James Everson seemed to go from one guy to another, never finding exactly what he wants. Frustrated and out of sorts he goes to a local gay bar in the hopes of finding a guy and burning off some steam. What he finds is Sammy Dane, a geeky little book writer that rocks James’s world. But can James keep Sammy, and himself, safe when an obsessed fan decides Sammy is writing their love story?

(Revised and extended by 6,173 words)

His Dirty Little Secret

Sammy & Friends 3

Graham and Darren have been having an affair for nearly a year. Only, Darren is tired of being Graham's dirty little secret. Can he forgive Graham and take him back when doing so could get him killed?

(Revised and extended by 1,308 words)

My Girl

Captivated Lovers 3

Nail polish, makeup, hair extensions, cute little skirts, a new life in a new city...what else is a guy to do when someone is trying to kill him.

(Revised and extended by 8,000 words)

The Cat's Meow

Assassin's Pride 1

Noah Anderson was in the wrong place at the wrong time and now a killer is after him. But what happens when the assassin sent to kill him turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to Noah?

(Revised and extended by 7,275 words)

Poppy's Pleasure

Assassin's Pride 2

Poppy lives in hell and has for as long as he could remember. The only bright spot he has seen in years is another prisoner being held in the cell next to him. If he can save Marcus, Poppy knows that he will have done at least one good thing in his life. He just had to find Marcus's friends and let them know that they are being led into a trap…and then go back to hell.

(Revised and extended by 3,330 words)

Primal Oath

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Being summoned was not one of them. Isaac Braden was used to being summoned. He was a demon after all, but the night he was called to service a master in a satanic ritual, he knew his night was not going to end well.

(Formally Blood Sacrifice. Revised and extended by 18,373 words)

Slave Auction

Spaced Out For Love 2

Rojan Ja'Dar buys and sells cargo for a living so buying a human slave at the auction house is no big deal until he discovers that his new pet is also his mate.

(Revised and extended by 15,690 words)

The Vampire's Assistant

Applying for the personal assistant position to the reclusive Nikolas Vaile, CEO of Vaile Industries, one of the largest pharmaceutical and research companies in the world, seemed a little too high seeking, but what did Jon have to lose? His blood?

(Formally part of the Bite Here anthology - revised & extended by 13,000 words)