Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Pantarius Brothers
Pantarius Brothers Character Chart
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Secret Cravings

Pantarius Brothers 1

Chayton Garon is excited to find his mate, but shocked to learn Gabriel knows nothing about being a shifter. He doesn't even know anything about mates. Refusing to give Gabriel up, Chayton tries to stand by his mate's side and support him as he searches for his long lost brothers.

Special K

Pantarius Brothers 2

Dominic Pantarius wanted a mate, that one person meant just for him. One-night hookups no longer held any appeal for him. When a cute veterinarian with soulful brown eyes and a little sass gave him attitude, he was pretty sure he'd found the mate he'd been looking for.

Book 3

Pantarius Brothers 3


Book 4

Pantarius Brothers 4