Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Three of a Kind

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Lover's of Alpha Squad 4

The moment that Jake meets Heath, he decides that Christmas must have come early and he had to have been a very good boy. The flamboyant Heath captivates Jake from first glance. Heath is breathtaking. And he seems just as interested.

Heath, used to changing his personality to meet the needs of his current lover, is enthralled by Jake, who professes to like him just like he is, wild ways and all. It doesn't take long at all for both Heath and Jake to fall head over hills in love with each other.

But when Ethan enters the picture, Heath is torn by his attraction to the man. He doesn't want to lose the best man that he has ever loved but his developing feeling for Ethan conflict him. Deciding to be honest with Jake, he is thrilled to learn that Jake is also having feelings for Ethan. Now, they just have to decide what to do about it.

Erotic, Contemporary, M/M/M, Menage Romance

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5 STARS: "The openness and honesty that the author uses to express the characters’ feelings and needs in my opinion help make this story. The fact that the men have talked it out and know from the beginning what is expected for the relationship to thrive lets the reader know that this is something important to the men and not just a wham bam one night deal. The book is also full of visits from previous characters as well as a few new ones. While reading the series from the beginning will give you a better understanding of who is who, each book can be read on its own. I am sure book five will be just as good and can't wait for it to come out." -- Lydia, Rainbow Reviews


4 ANGELS: "Lovers of Alpha Squad 4: Three of a Kind was lighthearted and fun to read. It was a really hot story with an enjoyable plot. I am so glad that I stumbled unto Stormy Glenn. Her writing style is great. She not only makes me laugh, but she reinforces my belief in love." -- Nickie, Fallen Angel Reviews


"Three of a Kind can be summarized in three simple words – scorching hot fun!  Written in a somewhat simplistic style, Three of a Kind is a light hearted love story with the benefit of several sizzling sexual encounters.  The instant lust seems real but the instant love announcement is a bit of a stretch.  The conflict however of adding a third to the relationship brings realism to the plot.  Three of a Kind is an easy entertaining story for a rainy afternoon." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed













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