Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Ollie's Haven


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Wolf Haven 2
Griffin Gates used to be a Senate Sentry. Now, he’s just a guy along for the ride as a group of people run for their lives and one of them is his mate. If he was an accepted part of the group, it might be different but his former status as a Sentry has kept him standing on the outside looking in—even with his mate.

Ollie Fremont wants nothing to do with Griffin. After spending years locked up so that no one knew his father had given life to an omega wolf, being mated to a Senate Sentry seems like a really screwed up joke. He doesn’t trust Griffin not to betray him to the Senate.

There’s just one small problem…Griffin has already claimed Ollie.

Erotic, Paranormal, Wolf Shifter, Mpreg, M/M, Romance

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5 SHOOTING STARS: “Ollie and Griffin were first introduced in book one of the Wolf Haven series by Stormy Glenn, and you could see from that book that there was going to be a lot of angst against Griffin from both his mate and the rest of the group, so I was really looking forward to reading their story. This book did not disappoint, and I would recommend the series to any reader who adores a love story with a load of angst against one of the main characters. A lovely story that brings two very different people together, one from the Senate who is trained to destroy all omega wolves and the other being the omega, with a great story line, a great ending and even greater sex, what more could anyone want? Oh, maybe the great twist at the end that no one, including me, expected.” – Redz, Redz World


“The second volume of this interesting new series continues the story of the band of persecuted omegas and their mates as they flee from the Loup Garou Senate sentries hunting them. This is the story of Griffin, one of those sentries, who is trying to redeem himself, and Ollie, his mate who carries a big secret…If you like stories about werewolves who need to learn trust and love make life so much better, if you enjoy books with male pregnancy and hardened warriors becoming doting fathers, and if you want to know how Matty and Rico from the first book are doing, you will probably like this book.” -– Serena, Rainbow Book Reviews


4.5 STARS: "Very exciting, with edge of the seat suspense, the only thing you could be sure of was surprise.  The ending was perfect and will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction.  Stormy Glenn knows how to pen exciting, hot novels and she always adds a nice touch of novelty.  Add Ollie’s Haven to your list.  You will not be disappointed." -- Elise, Sensual Reads


4.5 SWEET PEAS: "Stormy Glenn writes some absolutely amazing shifter stories. She’s always got new, fresh thoughts on how wolves should be. This time she introduces Omega wolves. Omegas are male shifters that can become pregnant, which means death for them on orders from the Senate. One of those is Ollie, and he’s in trouble. He’s been chased by Griffin, who has spent ears in thrall to the Senate (and when it’s explained why I wasn’t sure if I should feel sorry for him, or want to kick his ass even more.) Griffin is now leading this ragtag group of misfits on a desperate mission to escape. Originally it ws just supposed to be him, but when he finds out that Ollie is his mate, he’s willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure his mate’s safety. Ms. Glenn is setting up a brave new world and I was honored to be a part of it. This is the second book in the series (I have not read the first yet, but I have requested it because I want to know how it all began). I can’t wait to find out how the members of Haven form their own pack. Whether the adage of safety in numbers is true, or if they’ll be betrayed from within by one of their own. It’s an exciting start so far, and I’m going to be following along." -- Lucky, Mrs. Condit & Friends Read Books



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