Stormy Glenn, Fanning the Flames of Erotic Romance
Omega Born


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Scent of a Mate 6

For six years, Sawney Marshall was unable to claim his mate due to political maneuvering and pride boundaries. He bided his time, plotting and planning. When the call comes that Ricky is in trouble, Sawney races to save him despite the consequences.

Ricardo de Luca had all but given up. It seemed like his life had been a series of heartaches from being subjected to abuse by his pride mates to not being able to be claimed by his mate. When his father’s protection is removed and the abuse he has suffered for years escalates, Ricky despairs of ever seeing his mate again.

When Sawney claims Ricky, he sets into motion a series of events that will test their bond as well as those between prides. Can he depend on his brothers to help him rescue Ricky or will he be alone as he goes after his omega born mate?

Erotic, Paranormal, Shifter, M/M, Romance

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4 STARS: “I loved that Ms. Glenn, again, gave us a story of opposites that fit. Ricky was an omega and thought as weak when the strength he needed just for survival was incredible. Sawney saw and appreciated Ricky’s character and struggled to protect him and, he fought to make a way for them to be together. Ms. Glenn wove a tale where the loved Ricky and Sawney had for each other could be seen throughout. It was well written, well developed and well worth the wait.” -- Titania, Manic Readers


"This sixth book in the ‘Scent of a Mate’ series is just as intense as the previous one. While the villain is different from Alpha Aldo (since that bast*rd has now finally been dealt with), he is a worthy successor – if there is such a thing for a villain. He could well be related, but the interesting thing about this series is that all of Aldo’s sons are extremely decent people. One of them, Sawney, is a main character in this story and his ability to claim his mate has been impacted by all the evil a machinations going on and the tensions between various prides. The other man is Ricky, and he has suffered tremendously from both the six-year separation and the abuse he has been subjected to by various people. As a consequence, this story is very emotional to the point of being heartbreaking, suspenseful, and dramatic... If you like to see the underdog gain self-confidence and learn to stand up for himself, if you’re up for quite a few twists and revelations, and if you’re looking for an emotionally intense read that is as suspenseful as it is hot, then you will probably like this novella." Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews












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